UK Dogging Capital is Surrey

According to a recent Freedom Of Information request Surrey is the UK Dogging capital. There are more dogging locations in Surrey than any other county in the UK. Police forces across the UK were asked to reveal how many public sex environments they keep an eye on. Out of over 200 in total across the UK Surrey has 93, that’s 47%. In addition to the ten sites in Elmbridge, Guildford has 16, Reigate and Banstead 13, and Mole Valley and Surrey Heath 12 each. There’s probably no particularly incredible reason for this other than it’s more populous than other areas, the weather is nicer, there’s more greenery and judging by the amount of posh totty joining Dogging Action lately there’s a lot of frustrated housewives down there too. Public sex, outdoor sex and dogging really are rife in the county of Surrey. Other Guildford and Surrey Dogging Locations Include:

  • Cobham, From the M25 junction 10, take the A3 northbound and then take the first exit, the A245 towards Cobham. Pass the Sainsburys roundabout and take the A307 left at the next roundabout and pass a Premier Inn, and then take the next left towards an International School. Follow this road around and just before you go over the A3, turn right into a car park.
  • Shirley Heights off Shirley Hill Road.
  • Hogs Back, Guildford.
  • Esher Common car park.
  • Godstone National Trust Woodland car-park.
  • Kingston, Ham House car-park.
  • Surbiton, Woodstock Lane.
  • Wisley in the car-park towards Effingham.
  • Banstead, Holly lane car park.
  • Camberly nature reserve.
  • Chertsy St Anns Hill.
  • Chobham Common.
UK Dogging

UK Dogging

Russian Fountain Sex Couple

Russian Couple Outdoor Sex

Russian Fountain Sex

Now here’s a couple we’d like to meet, police are looking for these randy fuckers who started having sex on a fountain in broad daylight. It was filmed by 26 year old Aleksey Douhov at the fountain in Leningrad Street. They were fucking for about 15 minutes before the woman climbed off and the couple walked off laughing. It is not known if the man ejaculated in her. Casually laying down and having sex at 11am in the morning in broad daylight would be risky enough here in the UK but in Russia it could mean big trouble if they get caught. Angry local MP’s with nothing more important to worry about alerted police, saying the young couple’s sexcapade could tarnish the reputation of the city, of Russia and of the Russian people and they should face the maximum punishment if caught. I think these angry MP’s need to take a good long hard look in the mirror if they think that a couple having sex is what has tarnished the reputation of Russia.

Tour De Dogging Spots

Three stages of the Tour De France are in the UK this year, the first is Leeds to Harrogate, the second is York to Sheffield and the third is Cambridge to London. You might be interested in the second stage though because the highest point on that section Holme Moss, is a well known Dogging Location in Yorkshire. Couples regularly go up there to have sex and be watched by total strangers who like to encourage them. Police have put signs up to try and deter people from fucking in public but one regular emailed us to say, it may quieten down for a week or two but as soon as the weather gets warmer we’ll be at it like rabbits again. After 9pm is the best time to get up there and see some Dogging Action during the summer months. This could be the first location in the UK where people actually go dogging on their bicycles. Drop us an email if you know of any other Dogging Locations on the Tour De France route. Maybe some of you might try a Tour De Dogging on your bikes and see how many locations you can get around in one day.

Horny Cyclists

Bicycle Dogging

Celebrities Caught Dogging

Think of famous doggers and their are really only two who spring to mind. George Michael, though technically he wasn’t strictly dogging, he was cottaging in LA. But the broad principle of being caught with your trousers down is what matters here. The other of course is now almost a byword for “Celebrity Dogging”, Stan Collymore. He hit the headlines in 2004 when an undercover reporter exposed him as a dogger at a location in Cannock Chase. The former England international football player later said: “I’ve been to dogging sites maybe a dozen to fifteen times and, yes, I have taken part and had sex”.

So you never know who you might be having sex with, I wonder how many ladies got fucked by Collymore and to this day may still not realise who he was. This leads me onto this next question, what if you go to a dogging spot and there’s nobody there that you really fancy, it does happen you know. You could spend 3 or 4 dogging sessions doing nothing if the people there aren’t floating your boat. Well, that’s why you need a site like Dogging Action. Here you can locate people close to you, check out their photos, likes and dislikes and arrange to meet up at dogging locations when it’s convenient for both of you. You’ll get a much greater success rate joining Dogging Action than just trusting to luck. You might even meet someone like Talia, pictured below – CLICK HERE TO JOIN DOGGING ACTION

Kent Dogger

Kent Dogger

Dogging Tit Bits

British Doggers

A mixed bag of more outlandish dogging news this week, Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire is in the news. A “sickened resident” (makes a change from angry resident I suppose) came across a mattress in the woods of the Brocket Hall estate along with used condoms and empty viagra packets. Turns out to be a gay cruising site, I think the viagra, rubber gloves and nearby bottle of piss probably gave it away. It was featured on a gay cruising website and the police have now started patrolling the area and put up bright yellow warning signs. This probably means they don’t actually patrol,  a bit like the use of speed cameras. If you need some cock and want to take the chance take the A1M north from the M25 up towards Welwyn Garden City, then take the A6129 interchange right and head onto the B653 Brocket Road. Eventually this becomes Marford Road and it’s quite a long road. About 2 or 3 miles along Marford Road on your right is a layby that cuts into the Brocket Woods. That’s your spot. Gay Dogging Location

A 59 year old man dressed in only stockings and suspenders was chased through woods by police this week in Londonderry Northern Ireland. According to a local councillor upto 150 people a night are gathering in the Prehen and Ness woods to partake in deviant sexual acts. Londonderry Dogging Location

Layla Pink makes her dogging debut this week. A dirty blonde MILF with a face full of cum, that’s proper dogging.

British Doggers