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Gay Dogging

If you’re into Gay Dogging then the etiquette, laws and rules are pretty much the same as with regular dogging. Sometimes referred to as “Cottaging” or “Cruising” hooking up with other men for gay sex in car parks and other UK Dogging locations is pretty common. Some dogging locations have separate gay areas or you will find that entire dogging spots are exclusively for Gay Dogging such as Brighouse in Yorkshire, that’s why sites like Dogging Action are such useful resources for checking out which spots are for which dogging activity.


Cottaging is a term used to refer to sexual activity that takes place in a public toilet, typically between men. The term has its roots in the practice of gay men seeking out anonymous sexual encounters in public toilets, which was prevalent in the mid-20th century before homosexuality was decriminalized. Cottaging continues to occur in some places, and the term is still used as a colloquial term to refer to this type of activity.

Gay men used to use public toilets to meet up, but with so many of these being closed now gay dogging tends to take place alongside regular heterosexual dogging. Recently the public toilets in Civic Way, at the bus station in Swadlincote, Derbyshire had a notice put up with a Police Crest that read:
“No dogging or cottaging in this toilet. Now under surveillance at all times. Don’t get caught.”

However the police confirmed it was not put up by them and indeed was a fake. Public Toilets are probably a little too public for dogging so it’s best to stick to the locations we list here. Indeed several Celebrity Doggers over the years have been caught out at Dogging and Cottaging Locations.

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