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Hampshire Dogging Locations

Larissa from Andover wrote to Dogging Action and told us…….. My husband, Stuart has always been going on about trying dogging. I don’t know what it is, but he has always wanted to watch me and a group of guys. Ever since we got married he has brought this up. I gave in when my husband thought we might be able to make money if we video taped my dogging adventures and put it on the internet. Well if I can make money having fun with some guys outdoors then I am all for it. So we planned it all out and during Easter Bank Holiday Weekend we went to Cowdown Lane, just off the A303, just south of Andover to do a trial run before we got out the camera………


I am now hooked on the whole going dogging in Hampshire thing. I think it is great to go out in the woods and pull up my skirt and have a couple of guys come over.

Other Hampshire Dogging Locations Include:


  • By the Army Garrison.


  • Dogging action at Lime Pit Car parks. A30 towards Old Basing, first turning left after Basingstoke roundabout (about 100 yards). Go down narrow one way road. Two car parks on right although second car park is better for size and privacy. Lots of wooded and enclosed places to go and do the “business”. Best time is at dusk. Look out for flashing interior lights. Mainly used by gays and bi.
  • A339, the big lay-by just outside Basingstoke as you travel towards Alton. About one mile past the Audley Wood Hotel. Trucks and cars seem to be the dominant vehicles and there is usually some bi action going on in the bushes, accessed through a gap in the hedge at the side of the lay-by. Be careful though as some dog walkers use the adjacent field. I have taken my young slut there so there is some couple action too.
  • On Hackwood Road toward Alton, lay-by 3 miles from Basingstoke on left.


  • Beaulieu, the old airfield on the A3054, past Hatchet Pond on the way to Lymington, turn right onto large old airfield.

Broadmarsh Coastal Park

  • Broadmarsh near Bedhampton, is getting very busy with a few couples now attending. Lots of doggers.


  • Thatchers Copse, follow the coastal road from Hill Head along Meon Shore, the road is narrow and twists and turns. Follow it for about 1.5 miles, Thatchers Copse is signposted and on your left. Dogging and gay cruising, but very safe.


  • The end of Fleet Station car park, next to the pond.


  • Acres Down, hidden in the middle of the forest down a country lane, the car park is surrounded by trees and bushes and you can normally see couples lying on the hill doing various things. It’s very secluded and only just enough light to see what’s going on but not enough to feel threatened at all. No dog walkers or druggies at night. It’s good 🙂

New Forest

  • Wilverley Car Park in the New Forest between New Milton and Brockenhurst has action weekend nights, couples in cars in the enclosure, not overly busy but some good action at times.
  • Verely and Verely Hill are very popular for dogging. From M27 go towards Ringwood. Turn left at Pickett Post and go towards Burley. First Car Park on left is Verely and a few yards past, on the right is the more screened Verely Hill. Please turn off your headlights so people don’t think you’re unaware of what is going on.
  • Shepherds Gutter, very well appointed car park and wooded areas full of action for same sex and mixed couples.


  • On the A36, Village Hall car park. Shielded by hedge and pretty dark. Have seen couples put on a good show and group fun, usually after 11pm.


  • The Viewpoint car park, Portsdown Hill.
  • A car park opposite Fort Nelson which is the West end of the hill. Very interesting with frequent dogging action.
  • Eastney Car Park, adjacent to the Eastney Cruising Assoc. Car Park overlooks Langstone Harbour.
  • Castle Field, near Southsea Common, about 300 meters from the pier.


  • Avon Heath Country Park. Location at Little Chef roundabout on A31 (Ferndown to Ringwood Road). Large car park which gets very active when not full of Travellers staying there!


  • Netly Sailing Club Car Park. Dogging at various times of day plus some gay action.
  • Southampton Common. Turn into Cemetary Road off the Winchester Road. Large cul-de-sac with car park. Lots of action in the surrounding bushes and grass areas, with lots of action in cars also. Very heavy gay scene, but lots of dogging too. Any night (all night!!) but weekends better, even at 3 or 4 in the morning after the clubs kick out.
  • Southampton Parkway, opposite the Southampton Eastleigh Parkway/Airport railway station there is a car park other side of the road called Lakeside, there is frequent straight action there, not popular with gays, most evenings after dark. If you want to be watched briefly flash lights to let people know your there as it’s fairly dark and has lots of discrete areas and plenty of places for out of car fun too. Action there most nights, especially weekends.
  • Weston Shore, the big park down by Weston Shore, good marble seats to get on with someone. Good gay scene now and then it gets cold because you are right by the sea.
  • Hedge End, Bowls Club car park, Woodhouse Lane. Turn down Woodhouse Lane at the Maypole Roundabout (to the left of Texaco) take 1st left and left again, car park is on right. Very dark, ideal for in and out of car action with fields close by!

Stokes Bay

  • Car park by the GAFIRS. Nice and secluded, plenty of gay, bi and dogging fun after dark.


  • Catherington Down, sometimes couples up there in the small car park at the top or at the bottom, if empty car then take a stroll down the footpath.


  • The main big lay-by on the A31 from Winchester to Alsford, at the far end there’s plenty of dogging there.
  • Bar End, there is a car park alongside the Itchen River on the road from St Cross to the M3. Lots of action on Friday and Saturday evenings. Easy to slip into the trees or plenty of space in the car park. Watch out for the river, easy to fall in!!
  • Just North of the junction of the A272 and the A34, on the A272, at the junction where you turn left to Crawley. As you turn, park immediately on the left by the trees. Seen some couples there, although mostly guys, lunchtimes and evenings. Action in the woods to the left, and on the bridleway 50 yards further up on the right.


  • Vigo Lane, lay-by opposite Blackbushe Industrial Estate, used by dog walkers by day and doggers by night, parking for about 6 cars only, all night action has been observed, newish site but still popular.
  • Yateley Common, in the second car park as you head along the A30 away from Camberley (towards Blackbushe Airport). There’s usually people there all day and it’s mostly gay/bi, but you can usually get something. It’s secluded as well and there are wooded areas that you can go to, around 5pm to 6pm is quite good as business men tend to come in for a quickie.


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