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Greenwich Park Dogging

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Carol Kirkwood Dogging Blunder

What do you get if you cross “dog walkers” and “joggers” in Greenwich Park one sunny morning ? You get a rather embarrassed BBC Weather Forecaster, also known as Carol Kirkwood. She was speaking to camera live on TV as the camera panned out to show Greenwich Park in London in all it’s splendour. Carol meant to say she’d seen “lots of dog walkers and joggers” but as you can see in the clip below it came out as “lots of doggers”. Was dogging at the back of Carols mind ? Did she have some naughty plans for later that day ? Probably not.

In a further twist of this Celebrity Dogging Saga, Rachel Riley revealed on Twitter that her Russian husband Pasha Kovalev had no clue what “dogging” meant and that Carol had taught him a “new word”. Pasha Kovalev was one of the professional dancers on “Strictly Come Dancing” and funnily enough partnered with Carol Kirkwood back in 2015.
So there you go Countdown, BBC Weather and Dogging, only 3 degrees of separation !!



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