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Northern Ireland Dogging Locations

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Northern Ireland Dogging Locations

Plenty of Great Northern Ireland Dogging Locations and Secret Belfast Dogging Spots can be found when you Register for FREE at Dogging Action.


  • Car park behind Lower Celtic Park, next to the football pitch.
  • Car park in Belcoo opposite barracks.
  • Killadeas, turn for Erne Palace but continue past it’s entrance down to jetty at end of road. Seen a few about at the weekends. Nice quiet spot anyway!
  • Car park Sligo Road.


  • There has been loads of action recently in the Waterside area, especially around the Prehen playing fields! Looking to take it to the next level now.
  • Victoria Road layby.
  • Brigade Cricket Club car park late Sunday nights.
  • Ness Woods car park.
  • Drumahoe car park behind the Texaco filling station. Late Saturday nights.


  • Car park beside Carrickdale Hotel, Louth.
  • A1 Lisburn layby.
  • Derryhall Park after 9.30pm.


  • Abbey Business Park after 11pm.
  • Shaws Bridge car park full orgy, stand at bridge and wait for signal.
  • Killead Lodge car park in County Antrim.
  • Lots of gay action at Barnetts Park.


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