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Paul Ross Dogging Thicket Roundabout

Would you Believe it Paul Ross Dogging. Did you hear the one about the guy who discovered dogging action online in 2004, thought he would get lots of pussy but ended up licking the drug meow meow off another mans face ? Shouldn’t take the piss really. Paul Ross the radio presenter brother of Jonathan Ross has admitted to having a gay celebrity dogging affair in 2004 with a former teacher called Barry Olivier. Apparently after facing financial ruin Mr Ross sought solace in online dating and ended up at a location near Thicket Roundabout in Maidenhead.

He snorted meow meow off the mans face and continued to see him at a flat in the town. What can we learn from this episode ? We can make really bad jokes about “meow meow” and “pussy”, that you can get some dogging action in Maidenhead but most importantly we have yet again learned that joining websites that promote dogging action really do get you results. Ok, Mr Ross may not have got “exactly” what he thought he would when he first signed up but he did indeed get some dogging action.



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