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What is Dogging

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What is Dogging ?

It’s not clear when dogging started in the UK, possibly back in the 70’s or maybe a little later in the 80’s. Men of a voyeuristic nature knew where randy couples would park up in their cars to have sex and would sneak along to take a peek and probably have a quiet play too.
They’d take their dog so if they got caught out and about in some woods late at night they would just say they were walking their dog. Hence “dogging” was born. The activity evolved over time to the extent that the couples involved knew they were being watched and would often put on a show with the “peeping toms” soon coming out of the bushes and being in full view. Wife swapping couples then got involved and soon the voyeurs were given the opportunity to have sex with that busty milf whilst her husband looked on. Now in 2020 in the UK, dogging is a massive past time, particularly between March and October. Thousands of men, women and couples regularly take part and it’s completely legal so long as it’s all consensual and nobody gets offended. The internet has seen an explosion in Dogging Websites where you can find the very latest hot locations to meet up and have sex.

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