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Dogging Tales Back on Channel 4

Hey guess what ? “Dogging Tales” is back this Thursday 18th June 2020 on Channel 4 at 10pm. It’s a repeat of what was shown about seven years ago. If you’re into dogging or thinking of starting then it’s worth a watch because it will show you exactly how it isn’t, certainly at Dogging Action anyway. They seem to have selected the most odd ball individuals to film. The film is supposed to provide an insight into why women and men engage in or observe other people having sex with strangers in public areas, sometimes under the cover of darkness. Full on interviews with real doggers and a look at their normal daily lives, should be very interesting.

First time around I found it really boring and pretty pointless and it was in no way representative of the dirty doggers that I’ve met over the years. First of all every single person was wearing a ridiculous animal mask. Now I didn’t know these people and if I’d seen their faces I still wouldn’t know them if I spotted them in the street. But I bet you those masks wouldn’t have shielded their identity from their friends and family. The first couple was a grey haired guy much older than his partner. She had apparently been in some bad relationships in the past and dogging was a way of boosting her confidence. Then we had, I’ll choose my words carefully, a guy and two rather overweight women. Their little escapade ended rather abruptly when he lost his “confidence” when some other men turned up to watch. Somebody has even setup a spoof page on Facebook to take the mickey out of Terry The Master Dogger. There was the obligatory angry resident who was quite pleased that his local woods had been cleared of the dogging problem. Ironically his own dog then created another problem by doing a massive dump in the woods, which I might add he didn’t bother to clear up !! I mean what if the doggers come back ? There was the articulated lorry driver parked up in a lay by with some lovely zebra style bedding adorning his passion wagon. He reckoned that about 70% of lorry drivers regularly engaged in dogging activities. There was one bright spot and that was the tasty piece with big boobs strutting around in black thigh high boots and her bloke. He seemed a bit of a bruiser, not somebody you’d want to mess with and my guess is he has a huge penis too. LOL just in case I bump into him one night. She was pretty hot and boasted about having six or seven guys take her every time they go out, that’s my kind of woman. So all in all you really didn’t learn very much, no new locations, it wasn’t particularly titillating and naive dogging newbies might even think that doggers do genuinely wear dogging masks all the time.

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