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Epping Forest Dogging

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Epping Forest Dogging

Epping Forest is a 2,400 hectare ancient woodland in the south-east of England, covering parts of Essex and Greater London. The forest is home to over 50,000 ancient trees. It has a rich history, having been used for hunting by the royal family in the past.

Dick Turpin was a notorious highwayman who operated in the 18th century, and he is said to have used Epping Forest as a hiding place and a base of operations. It is believed that he had a hideout in the forest near Loughton, which he used as a base for his dastardly activities. Today, the forest is a popular destination for walkers, cyclists and Doggers, and offers a peaceful escape from the bustle of city life.

Nowadays however the woods are full of men looking for some Dogging Action, just like Annie is here. Each spring and summer the forest comes to life with men and women looking to get some outdoor dogging action. Be wary of the rangers that patrol the forest though, they are all serving police officers in the City of London Police, so you might get nicked.

There are a few notable spots to go dogging, Abridge Village Hall Car Park is one.  Also Gunpowder Park in Sewardstone Road, Waltham Abbey. This is very secluded, the best time is after 10pm and a lot of the doggers tend to head into the fields by the information center. The large Wood Yard, close to the Wake Arms Roundabout in Epping is also a popular dogging location.

If you’re into Gay Dogging and looking for some action then the car park opposite the Camelot pub in Chigwell is the place to be. Epping Forest is just one of the many great Dogging Locations in Essex.


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