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Dogging Scotland

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Dogging Scotland

I was bored one evening last week, fed up with the endless coverage of the Scottish Independence Referendum. What happens if the SNP want to outlaw Scottish Dogging ? Am I going to have go through passport control at Hadrians Wall to get some Dogging Action ? Anyway I was feeling very horny too, and I decided to try my luck at the local dogging spot. I logged into my Dogging Scotland account and found a car park about two miles away from where I live in Inverness, the car park is just over the Kessock Bridge. When I arrived there was nobody there so I decided to hang around to see what happened.

A little while later an almost new black Mercedes rolled into the car park, my first thoughts were oh no, it’s the police, but the car parked a couple of spaces away and I could see a man and a woman in the car, he was mid 40’s, she was a little younger and very hot. I sat there wondering what to do when her head disappeared into his lap, I knew that something was happening. I had a result…..

Other Dogging Locations in Scotland Include:


  • Aberdeen, The Counteswell Car park. You’ll find it opposite the Equestrian School.
  • Ellon Balmedie Beach is the perfect dogging spot. It’s on Ellon Road between Aberdeen and Ellon.
  • Peterhead Lenabo Airfield and Forest has got a secluded car park. You’ll find it near Peterhead and Mintlaw. The dense forest makes it a classic Scottish Dogging Spot.


  • Ardrossan, the car park just before the Waterside Inn is just outside Ardrossan. You’ll find it off Seamil Road.
  • Ayr, the Newton Shore car park is the perfect spot for weekday dogging activities.
  • Greenan Castle, this location is a breath of fresh air for couples and singles with sex happening outside on the rocks. You’ll find it as you head in the direction of Haven Park.
  • Cumnock Woodroad Park. This recreation area lies at the north end of Cumnock. The entrance to the park is off the B7083 Cumnock to Auchinleck Road and is just two minutes from the bus station and town centre facilities.
  • Farlie Moor Picnic Haven is just off the A79, south of Farlie. It’s really easy to get there, you just have to turn left at the Dalry sign post and carry on till you reach Knockedon picnic area.
  • Irvine Beach Park. The car park is on Marine Drive opposite the BMX track. To get there drive towards Magnum and take the second off the roundabout. You’ll find the car park on your right hand side. The nearby woods are perfect for group dogging action. If you feel a bit adventurous you can always try the sand dunes.
  • Bowhouse workshops Car Park Girde Toll. The best place to show off your wife on your cars bonnet on a Tuesday evening.
  • Beechams car park. You’ll find it in Drybridge, Irvine. This place is no good on a weekday so hold out till Saturday night and it will be worth your while.
  • Eglinton Country Park. Try the top car park for the best public action in the evenings.
  • Sandy Road Layby One of the new Scottish Dogging locations in Irvine, this lay-by has the potential to turn into a popular hangout. To find it just stay on the main road up to Irvine Royal Academy. At the traffic light turn left and a few miles on you’ll see the layby on your left hand side. Nice and secluded spot, not seen from the road.


  • Ayton A1 Layby is just south of Ayton and on the left hand side of the road.
  • Duns The Grantshouse Cedar Wood Layby is the perfect spot to stop if you’re into truckers.


  • Blairlogie car park is just east of the A91 road and north of the River Forth and this is a great place for all doggers.


  • Annandale, The Water Services Caravan and Trailer Car park is very busy over the holiday season with families. So it’s best to visit when it’s off season.
  • Dumfries, can be a hit or miss affair but who knows you might get lucky at the Safeways car park.
  • Kirkbean, lots of frolicking happening on the beach and around the cottage. To get there take the A710 turn off at Kirkbean. First right, then the second left and left again at the bottom of the hill and then your first right. Keep driving till the end.


  • Clydebank, Cleddans Farm Lane, drive until the end of the lane and park your car near the trees for cover.
  • Cumbernauld, Palacerigg Country Park is set in the hills to the south east of Cumbernauld. You’ll find it just off the A801 Cumbernauld Town Centre Road.
  • Milncroft Road. This country road has got more than one lay by so it can accommodate many horny dogging people.


  • Templeton Woods. Head one mile outside of Dundee on Couper Angus Road. It’s very near Camperdown Country Park and the perfect spot for outdoor fun over the weekend.
  • Riverside, at the lane behind the football pitches just after the railway bridge.


  • Kirkcaldy, The Beveridge Park car park. Friday’s are the best for couples.
  • Car park outside Kirkcaldy. To find it go on the road that leads to Dalgety Bay and you’ll find the car park for doggers and exhibitionists on the Orik Quarry road.
  • Leven, car park behind the swimming pool on Leven Prom at the Leisure Centre in Fife.
  • Silverburn car park, near the beach for outdoor fun.
  • Loch Leven, the picnic area just past Vane Farm Nature Reserve on the south side of Loch Leven. Perfect for anytime of the day or night and a huge area to put on a show.
  • St. Andrews, Tentsmuir Forest near St. Andrews along the long road to the beach.
  • Kinghorn Loch, a hidden car park on the east side of Kinghorn Loch, Fife. You head down a little track first and then turn left.


  • The Culloden Battlefield Visitors Centre. It is 4 miles east of Inverness on a quiet country road. Best to go here late at night when it’s the weekend.
  • North Kessock car park. You’ll find it on the A9 south bound. It’s just one mile north of Inverness and a quiet spot where you won’t get disturbed. The forest area is also great for gang bangs.


  • Craigie Quarry Layby. You’ll find this hot dogging spot just south of Kilmarnock. Wednesday nights are the best time to go watch traditional wife swapping.
  • Dean Castle Park. You’ll find it next to the Fjord. Here you will find lots of voyeurs who are eager for you to perform for them.
  • There is a great ford at Bringan Farm that is used for naughty things over weekends. The farm is right next to the dirt track.


  • Strathclyde Country Park. It’s near Hamilton and just off the M74 at Motherwell. There are many car parks but the best one is behind the Ferris wheel.
  • RSPB Nature Reserve. Also near Hamilton in Motherwell, couples frequent this spot over weekends.


  • Cathkin Braes car park. Is on the south side of Glasgow. You’ll find it on the little back road that takes you to East Kilbride, a single track road, with passing places.
  • Parklea. Coming from Glasgow on the last roundabout before Port Glasgow take the third exit and at the bottom of the hill take the left turn into the park. Plenty of parking bays here with some action.
  • Mugdock Country Park. North of Glasgow, beyond Bearsden and Milngavie. There are four car parks worth visiting in the park. First, just north of Milngavie off the road beside and to the west of the reservoir. Second, a third of a mile past this to the left on a bad bend going uphill. Next, back onto the road going uphill, past a small hamlet past two right turns and off to the left. The fourth car park is just three quarters of a mile beyond here, also off to the left and beyond the outdoor centre and tea room is the Khyber Car Park.


  • Muiravonside Country Park. The lower car park is the busiest on Friday’s and Saturday nights.
  • Longniddry Bents car park. Head out of Edinburgh on the A1 heading south and take the coast road to North Berwick, the car parks are just after Seton Sands Caravan Park. There are three car parks and the last one is the best for singles wanting to join in.
  • Braids Hill car park. This small secluded car park is next to the road so the chances of you being seen are good. You’ll find it near the footpath to the Golf course Fairemile side.
  • Dalkeith Country Park, use the car park at the end of High street and from there you can use any of the roads into the park. If you want outdoor fun bring a blanket as the car park is a field.


  • Avis Brae, at the top of the Avis Brae, the car park on the right.


  • Callander Bracklin car park. You’ll find the car park just up the hill from the golf course.
  • Kincardine Bridge layby at Pine & Oak. There is a long layby between the bridge and the motorway on the right hand side.


  • Glennifer Braes, take the road from the hospital following signs for Lugton and Irvine, about a half mile up the hill sign saying emerging traffic take sharp left up to car park.
  • Kelburn Riverside Park. Off the A8 at Woodhall Junction on the outskirts of Port Glasgow, go down the hill towards the Clyde and swing left through the stone pillars to the right. After 100M the road becomes one way and leads round the park to a choice of car parks.
  • Kelvin Park is just off Junction 31. Coming from Glasgow at the last roundabout before Port Glasgow take the third exit at bottom of the hill. Turn into Kelvin Park and use any of the parking bays.
  • The Layby over looking the River Clyde has got couples going at it in their cars and on the river banks. You’ll find it north of the M8, J31.
  • Barshaw park is Renfrewshire’s main town park. This huge park has got many secluded places for adult fun like the golf course, putting, bowling green, model railway and walled garden.


  • From Kilsyth, take the ‘Tak-ma-doon’ road. Drive up the steep hill for about 2 miles, and there is a car park on the right.
  • Stirling Racecourse. You can’t see the racecourse from the road so it’s the perfect outdoor fun spot for adults. To get there from the roundabout at Stirling Services, take the signpost for Alloa and you’ll find it after a few hundred yards on your left. Look out for the bushes and park there.
  • Dumbarton Road Layby. For weekend fun try this layby that is well hidden by trees.
  • Heading towards Kippen from Stirling you pass the turning to Cambusbarron on the left. After a couple of miles you’ll find the layby.

West Lothian

  • The Muiravonside Country Park near Linlithgow has got a car park that is perfect for after dark action over weekends. Lots of males could do with more females.
  • Linglithgow layby just between Linlithgow and Polmont. Not many truckers stop here so it’s a great spot.
  • Linlithgow Golf Club. This car park is notorious for its dogging action even in weeknights. Many of the golfers and their posh wives take part and invite single men to join in on the fun.
  • Livingston, this well hidden car park is on the A71 if you’re heading for Livingston into the Industrial Estate. Take the last left before the roundabout and you’ll start seeing the flashing headlights.


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