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Inverness Dogging In A Car Park

I was bored one evening last week, fed up with the endless coverage of the Scottish Independence Referendum. What happens if the SNP want to outlaw dogging ? Am I going to have go through passport control at Hadrians Wall to empty my balls inside a stranger ? Anyway I was feeling very horny too, and instead of having a wank I decided to try my luck at the local dogging spot. I logged into my Scotland Dogging Action account and found a car park about two miles away from where I live in Inverness, the car park is just over the Kessock Bridge. When I arrived there was nobody there so I decided to hang around to see what happened. My cock was dying for some action so I took it out and began to wank it. It didn’t take long before I was rock hard.

A little while later an almost new black Mercedes rolled into the car park, my first thoughts were shit, it’s the police, but the car parked a couple of spaces away and I could see a man and a woman in the car, he was mid 40’s, she was a little younger and very hot. I sat there wondering what to do when her head disappeared into his lap, I knew that something was happening. I had a result. I could see her head bobbing up and down and a began to stroke my big hard cock again. The woman lifted her head from his lap and began to look over my way, at first I stopped wanking but then decided to be brave, I took my big hard cock and raised my ass off the seat so she got a good look at it, she was clearly impressed as she beckoned me over to join them.

I introduced myself and was invited to the backseat, she was a nice looking blonde with a really nice pair of tits, probably fake but nice all the same, they were bursting out of her skimpy blouse. She began to suck on her blokes cock again, and reached a hand between the seats and took my swollen dick in her hand. She began to jerk me off as she sucked off her fella, the sight of this was a real turn on, and I began to relax and enjoy myself. Her husband asked me if I would like to fuck her whilst she sucked him off, I didn’t need asking twice.

She knelt on the passenger seat with her arse in the air and I got out and opened the passenger door and began to rub on her wet pussy, she moaned with pleasure as I slipped two fingers into her and rubbed on her clit. Fuck me hard, she said, so I slid my throbbing cock inside her and started to fuck her slowly. Her husband seemed to enjoy this as she moaned with his cock in her mouth. Harder, she cried so slowly I began to push deeper and deeper, speeding up as I went. The harder I fucked her the harder she seemed to suck his cock, realising this I went at her full steam, and began to rub her clit at the same time.

She was in full on screaming mode by now and was unable to suck on his cock she began to wank him off furiously, as she shouted fuck me harder, this must have been too much for him, and he shot a big load of cum into her mouth, which she swallowed up. I was ready to cum too, she could feel me swelling up inside her and she told me that she wanted my cum in her mouth. I pulled out and she sat down in the seat just in time for me to jerk myself all over her face, she opened her mouth and took me inside and sucked all the last bits of cum out of my cock. I zipped up said thanks and went back to my car, we never even exchanged names, it was pure filth. I haven’t been back to the car park, but once things warm up, I’ll try it again, it was a very horny experience for me, one that I will never forget.

Other Dogging Locations in Scotland Include:

  • Aberdour – Silversands car park
  • Addiewell – Addiewell Train station car park on A71
  • Berwick-on-Tweed – Layby on A1 just over Scottish Border
  • Clackmannan – Blairlogie car park
  • Croy – From Cumbernauld down dirt track to football pitch
  • Culloden – Culloden Battlefield site car park
  • Dalkeith – Dalkeith Country park car park
  • Falkirk – Off Slammanan Rd to Lochgreen Rd
  • Glenrothes – Town Park car park
  • Grangemouth – Car park behind Grangemouth Stadium
  • Inverkeithing – Fordell Woods Estate
  • Irvine – Beechams car park at Drybridge
  • Kilmarnock – Dean Park country park
  • Kincardine – Kincardine bridge layby between bridge and motorway
  • Kinghorn Loch – Hidden car park on the east of loch
  • Kirkcaldy – Car park outside Orik Quarry road
  • Largs – Portencross car park
  • Leven – Silverburn car park
  • Linlithgow – Golf Club car park – watch out for stray balls
  • Livingstone – Off A71 the last turn left before roundabout
  • Oban – Oban Corran esplanade
  • Perth – Peable Hydro Hotel car park
  • Plokemet – Polkemet Country park car parks
  • Prestwick – Prestwick Beach car park
  • Ravenscraig – Beach car park
  • St Andrews – Tensmuir Forest along road to beach
  • Stirling – Layby on Dumbarton Road behind trees
  • West Lothian – Bathgate Hills car park



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