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Northumberland Dogging

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Northumberland Dogging Locations

Northumberland has some Great Dogging Spots given the Rural Nature of the County. Find the Latest Northumberland Dogging Locations at Dogging Action.


  • It’s at the little shore next to the pier, a group of about 5 cars on a good night.

Arcot lane

  • Just off A19 Moorhouse farm roundabout lay-bys before and after level crossing, plenty of bushes to explore, conceal events, popular with gays, bi’s, few couples normal signals, IE. interior light on, or 3 flashes of brake lights daytime or evening.
  • Just between Dudley and Cramlington there’s a lane that goes past a golf club. This quiet lane is often used by men and couples.

Beach Road, East of Redrow

  • Staggered junction with road off to east runs to a dead end. Action along the road near far end daytime and evenings. Also daytime dogging action in dunes to south of road where there’s a gap in the fence near a stream. Naked action on other side of stream in dunes. Gays and couples.

Beehive Lane, Seaton Sluice

  • Small car park at the end of the Beehive Lane at the Seaton Sluice end. Any night, quiet but worth checking out especially for couples.


  • The Highlander lay-by 1 mile south of Belsay on the road from Ponteland to Otterburn 500 yards past the Highlander Pub going north. Often couples in cars and single males looking for dogging action.

Big Water Country Park, Brunswick

  • Between 9pm and midnight couples and single men mostly at weekends.

Blyth Beach

  • Gloucester Lodge beach road half way to Seaton sluice gays at top end of car park, couples in middle. Loads of action in summer later in the evening in dark nights and winter any time after 6 pm.

Boulmer Village

  • In the car park of the Fishing Boat Inn, but STRICTLY after hours. Every night but Friday. Mainly couples looking to show off. Please be discreet but is this is now a very well established village site.

Duridge Bay from Red Row

  • Turn right opposite Red Row on the Amble Road, head to the bottom of the road, walk onto the dunes, go right, this is the nudist and dogging area and it’s starting to heat up, men and couples enjoying the privacy, could do with more couples though.


  • Hervana Nature Reserve car park every Saturday from, 9pm onwards, great fun for both sex even if you’re just watching.

Heighley Gate lay-by, Morpeth

  • Plenty of truckers week days, gay fun too better evenings.

Newburn Riverside

  • Quiet secluded car parks with plenty of outdoor action.


  • Follow signs for Otterburn camp always plenty of horny soldiers looking for fun.


  • Near the river side, about 500 yards from Ovington school. Take the first left turn and follow that road and that’s it.


  • West Wylam park, flash lights when entering car park, paths in to woods nearby very secluded and dark times between 11pm and 3am mostly on Friday to Sunday.


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