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Public Sex in Russia

Outdoor Sex

Russian Fountain Sex Couple

Now here’s a couple we’d like to meet, police are looking for these randy fuckers who started having sex on a fountain in broad daylight. It was filmed by 26 year old Aleksey Douhov at the fountain in Leningrad Street. They were fucking for about 15 minutes before the woman climbed off and the couple walked off laughing. It is not known if the man ejaculated in her. Casually laying down and having sex at 11am in the morning in broad daylight would be risky enough here in the UK but in Russia it could mean big trouble if they get caught. Angry local MP’s with nothing more important to worry about alerted police, saying the young couple’s sexcapade could tarnish the reputation of the city, of Russia and of the Russian people and they should face the maximum punishment if caught. I think these angry MP’s need to take a good long hard look in the mirror if they think that a couple having sex is what has tarnished the reputation of Russia.

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