Downton Abbey Dogging Sensation

The final episode of Downton Abbey, ITV’s popular period drama beat Eastenders on Christmas Day in the prime time ratings battle. 6.6 Million people watched it as opposed to 5.7 Million for Eastenders. How many of those viewers were aware though that the filming location for Downton Abbey is near to a popular Dogging Spot ? Yes, Beacon Hill in Hampshire is close to Highclere Castle, the stately home that is used for filming Downton Abbey. Frank, a long time member of the UK’s biggest and best Dogging Site, Dogging Action says that Beacon Hill is a great place to go dogging if you enjoy doing it in the day. Friday is the best day to visit between 10.30am and 2.00pm, it gets very interesting between these times.
You can find couples, sometimes ladies on their own, and of course single men, so you get a good mix of Dogging Activities there. Beacon Hill is also popular with local ravers. A couple of years ago police broke up an illegal gathering there when more than 90 ravers set up for a midnight session.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Dogging