Lancashire Top British Dogging Spot

Lancashire has overtaken Surrey as the UK’s top dogging county. Local police have warned that those who take part in voyeuristic, al fresco sex acts could find themselves on the wrong side of the law if they get caught. Wigan is a particularly good area for dogging locations, you could try the car park at Beacon Country Park, Up Holland, the car parks at The Three Sisters in Bryn, Pennington Flash Country Park at Leigh, and the secluded car park up Red Rock Lane, Standish, which is apparently particularly busy at around 1am. Both Wigan police and Wigan council say they have received zero complaints about dogging in these areas so it looks like they’re a pretty safe place to go get some Dogging Action.

Wigan Dogging

Best Dogging Locations To Find Fairies

If you’re in the local woods giving that busty woman a good seeing to against a tree, have a look around because it seems it’s not just humans who like to go dogging. Other worldly beings known as Fairies have been seen turning up when people have been having sex outdoors, according to a new book by Dr Simon Young called, “Magical Folk – In Britain, Ireland and Overseas”. A young couple who were having sex against a tree suddenly found themselves surrounded by fairies as they took an interest, in an encounter which could be described as supernatural dogging. One couple described an “amorphous greyish shape” that turned into two female fairies, each about three and a half to four feet tall. One with long blonde hair, one with long black hair. In another encounter two beautiful, lithe, otherworldly, females appeared, and were dancing facing each other, smiling and laughing. People who encountered British and Irish fairies reported that they were angry (particularly Essex and Scotland) and mischievous. Some respondents reported that their encounters were sexually and erotically charged (Essex, Hampshire and Somerset).

Supernatural Dogging

Transsexual Girls Go Dogging Too

Does anybody know if there are any tgirl dogging locations in the UK ? Me neither, can’t say I’ve particularly heard of any. I just came across a great porn website called “Shemales in Public” the name speaks for itself really, it’s transsexuals getting fucked in public. It totally reminds me of a trip to Brazil in 2008, there are certain areas, usually on the outskirts of major cities where you can drive along semi rural roads and see loads of very sexy tgirls hooking. You just pull up, pay them and go off into the bushes for a quickie, sometimes other punters will come along and watch too. What’s this if it isn’t a form of dogging ? Yes there’s money involved but you’re not exactly paying for a night in The Ritz, more like a pint of beer in the UK. There are thousands upon thousands of transsexuals in Brazil and the vast majority look pretty damn hot. You’re more likely to be chatting to a TS than a female. It’s a whole different ball game over here, it must be quite daunting to go out dogging as a TS, if you hit the wrong crowd and they happen to be transphobic. So you need to find all the “definite transsexual dogging locations” by joining a site like Dogging Action. Alternatively you could try a more mainstream type of TS Dating by joining a regular dating website that caters for transsexuals such as Tgirl Heaven

Tgirls Love Dogging Too

Transsexual Dogging

Hero Joe Craig Interrupts Horny Doggers

Joe Craig was out walking his dog Harpo late one night in January around the East Finchley area, at the end of a quiet residential street he spotted a Renault Clio, but to his shock he also heard squeals and noises coming from the hatchback. His immediate thought was someone had been kidnapped, locked in the boot and was trying to raise the alarm. He rushed over to the car, flung open the boot and to his astonishment he saw a naked man on top of a naked woman having a good old fuck. They’d put the back seats of the car down and their heads were in the boot. Joe had inadvertently become a dogger. Dogging is the act of watching or participating with strangers having sex outdoors or in public places. Joe apologised to the couple but as he was closing the boot his chocolate labrador, Harpo had already jumped in. That made the situation even more embarassing. He quickly pulled the dog out and rushed off home.
Dogging Action would love to know who this couple were and what other locations they use to have sex. They could even be current members of Dogging Action and just be keeping a low profile. If you know who this couple are please drop us a line.

Hartlepool Dogging Excuse Sign Of Desperation

In 2011 a road in the Castle Eden area of Hartlepool was closed off because of what local residents perceived as problems with dogging. Retired council worker Phil Barclay was quoted as saying:  “There was some sexual incidents – dogging and other horrible things.”  Mr Barclay doesn’t go onto mention what the “other horrible” things are but if they are as “horrible” as dogging then I’d have no problem with them whatsoever. Apparently Mr Barclay believes two people having sex is a horrible thing. But I digress, back to 2014 and there is a possibility that the aforementioned road that was closed in 2011 could be reopened to service a crematorium. The residents obviously don’t want a crematorium replacing their lovely countryside, they cite reasons such as, fly tipping, increased traffic and chemical emissions and get this one….. mourners may get clobbered on the head by golf balls from the nearby golf club. It’s great that the residents of Castle Eden are so concerned for the welfare of others. In a last desperate attempt to stop this crematorium being built they now say that opening the road again will mean the doggers will return as well. Of course this isn’t a dogging story, it’s all about a self serving group of residents, one of whom is aptly named Barry Nutter, worried about their property values and scenic views and using the lame excuse of dogging. Well Mr Nutter we think you shouldn’t judge doggers by your own standards. Doggers are not likely to engage in their hobby next door to a crematorium, church, graveyard or anywhere else where a degree of respect would be expected. So I’m afraid you’re going to have to come up with another reason not to have that crem near you……what about ghosts ?!
Hartlepool Dogging