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Dogging North Wales

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Dogging North Wales Warning

Police have warned couples to stop having sex with each other by the bridge that joins North Wales to Anglesey, otherwise they’re going to start filming them. It’s a layby on the A5 in a beauty spot near the Menai Strait. Locals have said that dirty doggers are ruining the place. North Wales Police have threatened to install mobile CCTV cameras if the dirty doggers keep having sex in a layby overlooking the Menai Strait. This strait separates the island of Anglesey from the mainland of Wales.

Not sure what the police hope to achieve by filming such events, maybe it’s just a groundless threat in order to scare off potential doggers. Remember of course that dogging is not illegal and it’s ONLY an offence if somebody notices you and doesn’t like what they see. Wales as a whole must have thousands of dogging areas, I mean it’s so rural it’s just one giant dogging location. If you live in South Wales then there’s a list of South Wales Dogging Locations here.


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