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Following a report in the South Wales Evening Post, Welsh police say that they are going to check a number of Dogging Locations in case there is any criminal activity going on. Well, I say it was a report, it was really just another list of Dogging Hot Spots gleaned from the increasing number of free websites that like to list and therefore nullify any good locations. There was no news, me thinks that the local press like to put Dogging Stories in their papers because they know it helps sell copies. So are they really any different from the Dogging Websites ? Some of the places mentioned across South Wales are:

  • Swansea – Caswell Bay Car Park
  • Swansea – Car Park opposite Singleton Hospital
  • Along side Swansea Promenade
  • The Woods by Penllergaer Services at J47 of the M4
  • Port Talbot – Top end of Aberavon Beach
  • Car Park in Jersey Marine
  • Woods at Margam
  • Porthcawl – Kenfig Reservation Pool Car Park near J37 of the M4
  • Bridgend – Layby A48 East of Pyle
  • Science Park just off the A48
  • Coity Road, behind a tyre business
  • Carmarthenshire – Sand dunes at Pembrey country park
  • One mile from J49 on the M4, long layby on the A48
  • Car Park in Bynea
  • A477 layby just after Red Roses, heading towards Pembroke

Of course, dogging is not illegal, but if you offend someone by being spotted dogging outdoors then that is an offense. But that’s why we all drive out to these obscure quiet places in the dead of night in the first place, so we don’t offend anyone. Maybe what we should do is go into our town centers every weekend, get paralytically drunk, shout, swear, fight, cause ABH and GBH, vomit in the street, smash a few windows whilst the police just stand around watching. Christa (pictured above) is from the quiet village of Blaengarw in the valleys, she knows a lot of secret locations in that area that aren’t plastered all over the free sites.


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