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Following a report in the South Wales Evening Post, Welsh police say that they are going to check a number of Dogging Locations in case there is any criminal activity going on. Well, I say it was a report, it was really just another list of Dogging Hot Spots gleaned from the increasing number of free websites that like to list and therefore nullify any good locations. There was no news, me thinks that the local press like to put Dogging Stories in their papers because they know it helps sell copies. So are they really any different from the Dogging Websites ? Some of the places mentioned across South Wales are:


  • In the car park to the left of Wetherspoons. Also on pathway behind Aberdare Library.
  • Bwillfa Dare Car Park, head up into Cwmdare, go towards Bwlfa Dare, follow the road all the way until you come to the end. You can follow post code CF44 8UH. As the post code brings you to a street there is a fork in the road, keep left. Don’t go into the street, follow the road all the way down until you come to the end, very dark and discrete, Small wooded area, but plenty of places to go there.
  • Car Park, Farm Road at Aberaman under bridge on the left side.


  • Old Iron Works Car Park, Maesteg Road. Good action after dark, quiet location.
  • Cross the railway line opposite the Fountain Inn, travel about 1000 yards up the road, turn left into car park, it’s the Wild Life Car Park, it’s pretty good.


  • Car Park behind town, starting to get popular on weekends and weeknights after 10pm.
  • Deri Community Centre, well off the main roads. Nobody using yet, building locked up after 10pm, would be a good place for dogging. Turn in by the Darren, opposite the bus stop.


  • Knapp car park, 5 Mile Lane. Good dogging most nights.
  • Rugby Football Club, good location, needs more diggers, quiet most nights after 12pm.
  • Back of Council Refuge Depot (not recycling depot), 2nd turn left off Hayes Road from Sully roundabout lane to Cliff Top car park.


  • In the science park, just off the A48.
  • Layby A48 east of Pyle towards Bridgend.
  • Jewsons on Coity Road. It’s a bit bumpy but very secluded and quiet about 8pm on most week nights, happy humping.
  • Merthyr Mawr sand dunes car park, very quiet and secluded.
  • Castle Bingo Car Park, there’s loads of people up there for a good time at night usually parked right at the back of the car park.
  • Bridgend Industrial Estate, dogging seen the last few nights by HSBC and Natwest Bank car parks.
  • Brynmenyn Industrial Estate, Units 6,7,8. Excellent place as dark and plenty of couples looking for good fun. Wait at the entrance by the window company and flash lights, if flash back from the back drive round for fun! Good times.


  • Head out of Caerphilly along Van Road, the second car park on the left is good. Occasional couples there put on a show, one couple in particular there regularly enjoys being watched and if non pushy allowed to join in, quite often lunchtimes.
  • Layby just past the tea hut, on your right, Caerphilly Mountain. As if to go down the hill to Caerphilly. It’s as if the council had asked doggers and gays what they wanted. Excellent facilities but new, so may be quiet for a while.
  • Head down to Caerphilly from cafe. Layby is approx 500m down on right. Either wait in car for another car to come in or head onto the path into the woods where plenty of walkers looking for like minded fun can be found. Action during the day and evening, it’s very discreet and plenty of places to go off track.
  • About 700 yards down lane near the Travelers Rest Pub on old road to Caerphilly. Best time after midnight on Fridays.


  • A48 Castleton, Pound hill, park on motorway bridge, gap in the fence with blue paint, good for gay fun.
  • Roath Park, the road between the wild gardens and the lake, all hours, couples and voyeurs.
  • Penylan Road, laybys overlooking Castleton between Bassaleg and Michaelston. Gaps in the hedges allow access to fields.
  • Off Llantrisant Road, left turning after the nursing home just before the church before you get to Cregiau. Go down the lane till you go under the motorway bridge and there you are. Fun for all.
  • Wenallt Car Park, country lane opposite Travellers Rest Pub on Caerphilly Mountain. Drive for 5 minutes and on left hand side you will see the dogging car park.
  • Heath Park on King Edward 7th Avenue, drive around until you come to a track leading to a wooded area. Very secluded and quiet, respect the neighbours and take your litter home, don’t spoil it and please, NO boy racers.
  • Barage Car Park, car to car couples, voyeurism mostly.
  • Canton Car park off Sanatorium Road. Once you enter Sanatorium Road you will see the Landowne Surgery. Turn left into there and carry on down the road until you reach the car park. CAR PARK IS MOSTLY EMPTY WEEKENDS AND IT’S BEST TO GO DURING THE NIGHT. Be quiet, pick up litter and respect the neighbours. Sanatorium Park is right next door.
  • Cardiff Gate Services car park. Not a 24 hours services. When services shut the fun begins. Numerous cars seen arriving and driving to dark corners of car park. Couples and males seen there.
  • Banastre Avenue is just off Whitchurch Road, there is a lane off the Avenue to the left and an old disused garage with plenty of parking, very dark and quiet. Very popular on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • Cathays, Trevithick Car Park.
  • DPD car park in Rumney, after dark very good for gay fun and dogging most nights.
  • Cardiff Airport, dogging most afternoons, left of green hanger (Old Air Wales Building).
  • Llandaff, car park at the rear of The Malsters public house. Go to rear of car park. Good dogging on most weekends.
  • Longwood Drive, just past Asda on the right, park up and walk into the woods, plenty of CD, BI and TS Action.

Castell Coch

  • Forestry car park about half a mile up the road from the entrance to Castell Coch, at Tongwuynlais, just outside Cardiff, called Fforest Fawr. Daytimes, mainly gay guys, but some couples in cars or go into the woods and happy to be watched. Gates are locked in the evenings, but once in the car park, you can get out even when gates are locked.Go into informal paths from car park into woods, below the main path.
  • Car park behind this castle, off the A470 near to Taffs Well.


  • Coed Gwilym Park, in between Ynstawe, Trebanos and Pontardawe. Car Park quiet when dark, also woods as the car park is near the road, popular for gays but also couples.

Gilfach Goch

  • Top end of Gilfach, by stream. Small car park, excellent at night.


  • Glyncoch Rugby Club Car Park.

Jersey Marine

  • Drive through the village, car park on right hand side. Lots of good dogging action afternoons and nights, also plenty of gay and lesbian action most days.
  • A car park just after the Glamorgan Health Center on the left hand side. Park up and have some fun.
  • The marsh at Jersey Marine, mainly gay action in the woods. Follow foot path across marsh, turn left up to bridge. Drive through village, car park on the right if you are coming from Swansea.


  • Car park near bottom of Fort Road, before church. Very quiet, occasional dogging. More couples please!


  • Old Llandow Airfield. Plenty of quiet spaces.


  • Opposite the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant, regular doggers between 3pm and after 5pm on the weekends. Flash your lights when there and if there are people that want to dog you they will either leave their doors open to invite you or will flash you to follow them.
  • Smilog Woods. Everyday morning and evening, also night. Best to say hello when there if you see lone guys and gauge their response.

Llantwit Major

  • Boverton, a wooded car park at the end of a dusty dirt track road.


  • Llanwonno Mountain CarPark. Picnic area just before the Brynfynnon Pub. Most gay fun goes on there after dark until late.
  • Between Mountain Ash and Fern Dale. Heading towards Ferndale from Mountain Ash there is a car park on the left before the Llanwonno Pub and Church, (not the pub car park). Turn in there, sit and wait until someone flashes their lights or hazards. You can talk to them if you prefer, very friendly location, new one just started up good gay and bi fun. Good times is afternoons and evenings in daylight just walk into woods for fun.


  • Bottom of the mountain separating Maerdy and Aberdare, the junction by the big wheel. Follow road down to the bottom to find many doggers after 8pm every night.


  • Pont Rhyd-y-Cyff, secluded layby near Tylers Arms. Quiet on week nights but very busy Friday and Saturday after 9pm. Lots of couples and single men and women.

Margam Country Park

  • Margam Woods, just as you come off Junction 36 of the M4.

Melincourt Waterfall

  • Car park for Melincourt Waterfalls. Few street lights and surrounded by trees. Not that busy but used regularly.

Merthyr Tydfil

  • Behind the back of Farm Foods, bottom end of Merthyr Town after 10.30pm.
  • A470 from Merthyr Tydfil to Brecon, two laybys on the left near Llwyn-on Reservoir.
  • Cefn-coed-y-cymmer, past Cyratha Park (on your left) as you drive into Cefn left at mini roundabout, follow road round to the left past all the houses, turning left down to football pitch! Very quiet, good late night, mostly weekends.
  • Cyfarthfa Park Lake, walk around lake and see men sitting on benches. Walk into forestry and have some fun.
  • OP Chocolates Factory Car Park in Dowlais. Best at weekends, the security guard ignores you.

Mountain Ash

  • Layby on left from Mountain Ash to Abercynon, good after 5pm.


  • Neath Abbey Ruins, some action here late afternoons and into the night including the canal towpath. Seen a few couples, guys and a few transvestites dressed up to the nines. All having fun in and around he ruins. Quiet spot during the evenings, well worth a look.


  • Car Park near the Old Penarthians pub and field.
  • Old Penarthians Rugby Ground. Excellent dogging Fridays and Saturdays, occasional dogging during the week.
  • Cosmeston Country Lakes Car Park, Penarth, Glamorgan. Dogging most nights.
  • Picnic area behind boat yard on Penarth Road opposite pump house, follow path under link road bridge to picnic area.

Penllergaer Valley Woods

  • Best place for dogging in the Swansea area is at Penllergaer Valley Woods. Head down the path to where the lake is, go past the waterfall and there’s a stone bridge. Dogging happens a lot at this location during the day and night. Seen a few shows happen here over the last three months.


  • Alltwen Community Center car park. Dyffryn Road community center in Alltwen around the back from 6pm onwards.


  • Pontypridd Common, park up on the road, take path down to monument, fun there most evenings.
  • The Kings Arms in Pentyrch on a Wednesday and Friday evening, getting popular with couples wishing to dip a toe.

Port Talbot

  • Aberavon, when at the seafront of Aberavon drive to the end of the seafront and there is an old peoples home, the car park at the right side of it is a good spot for doggers.
  • Filco Car Park, Commercial Road. In car park on the right of Filco Car Park.


  • Just outside Porthcawl, Junction 37, M4. Head for the Kenfig Reservation Pool Car Park area.

Quakers Yard

  • Quakers Yard ‘the gap’ Mountain Road. Drive up the Mountain Road from Quakers Yard until you find the car park, dogging here most evenings. Can see any car coming from long distance, mainly couples, not overcrowded.

Rhigos Mountain

  • Head up to the top of Rhigos Mountain from the Aberdare side. Once on top you come across the lay-by park which is the viewing point on the right of you. Drive past there, follow road approximately half a mile until you see a car park on the left. Pull into there, follow the car park which is gravel there’s a back car park, middle car park and a side car park with trees and woods behind. The entrance of the car park is not long after the left hand bend just before you start to do down the other side heading for Treherbert. Plenty of discrete places there and lots of gay fun going on. Most of this happens after 11pm to allow a quiet mountain road. Mainly men aged 25 to 40 years old are in this spot. It’s mostly young gay fun only.


  • Go by the Spar (on the left) and go down the first street all the way to the bridge. Then walk down the last street (on the right) a bit till the wall is low enough to drop down. Go under the bridge and around the spikes to the other side. Walk for a bit and you have a perfect spot.


  • Car park behind the recycling centre by slipway.


Talbot Green

  • Layby opposite the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Talbot Green.

Three Cliffs Bay

  • The car park, this is one of the sexiest places in Wales to go dogging. It is very popular in the summer as it is so very busy.

Ton Pentre

  • On the Maindy Road in Ton Pentre near the Tennis Courts and near the Forestry. You will have to park your car down the bottom of the steps that is leading up to the Tennis Courts.


  • Treorchy, car park (picnic area), left side Bwlch Mountain Road.


  • Troed-y-rhiw River Walk, car park near the side of the school, large bus bay/parking area with a field next to it. Walk a bit on the tarmac and there is plenty of cover along the path to Merthyr Vale.


  • Follow road past The Royal Mint with the Mint on your left, follow road onto industrial estate, when road ends cars park. Gays and women most days.


  • Diamond Park, large park area with pathways leading into large wooded areas with enclosed wooded pathways. Excellent area for meeting during day or night especially the warmer nights. Car parking available at entrance to park. As always do not leave litter behind, keep things keep discreet.

Of course, dogging is not illegal, but if you offend someone by being spotted dogging outdoors then that is an offense. But that’s why we all drive out to these obscure quiet places in the dead of night in the first place, so we don’t offend anyone. Maybe what we should do is go into our town centers every weekend, get paralytically drunk, shout, swear, fight, cause ABH and GBH, vomit in the street, smash a few windows whilst the police just stand around watching. Christa (pictured above) is from the quiet village of Blaengarw in the valleys, she knows a lot of secret locations in that area that aren’t plastered all over the free sites.



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