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Blackpool, a seaside resort located in the northwest of England, is a top destination for tourists. With its iconic Blackpool Tower, miles of sandy beaches, thrilling theme parks, and vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone in this lively town.

Visitors can take a stroll down the famous Blackpool Promenade, ride the world-famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach, or enjoy a night of entertainment at the Winter Gardens. With its stunning coastline, fascinating history, and plenty of activities and attractions, Blackpool is truly a wonderful place for tourists to explore and create unforgettable memories.


But if you venture into the back streets of Blackpool you might see more than you bargained for. A 33 year old woman has evaded jail time after being caught engaging in sexual activity with a stranger on top of a car in broad daylight, basically “dogging”. Katy Holmes was apprehended after the incident, which took place in a residential cul-de-sac in Blackpool, Lancashire, was witnessed and reported to police.

Holmes had reportedly met the man just minutes prior at a nearby newsstand, where she stated they had flirted while she was purchasing a bottle of water. Although she insisted that the encounter was consensual, she acknowledged that others might have perceived it as offensive.

A resident who saw the event unfold from her window alerted the police. The prosecutor, Don Green, stated in Blackpool magistrates’ court that the witness observed Holmes laughing and appearing to be enjoying herself.

Holmes ultimately received an eight-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, after pleading guilty to the charge of outraging public decency by acting in an indecent manner. Additionally, she was given a year of supervision. The man involved managed to evade police custody.

I guess you could call that “dogging extreme”. What they did was legal and consensual, the problem was they allowed themselves to be seen, caused offense and the police were called. That’s why you need to Join Dogging Action and find all those other horny women that engage in Dogging Blackpool, plus all the safe locations where you can have sex without the risk of causing offense.


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