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Brean Beach Dogging

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Brean Beach Somerset Sanditon Dogging Spot

One of the longest areas of sand in Europe is Brean Beach in Somerset, just south of Weston Super Mare, it runs all the way to Burnham-On-Sea and is just over 7 miles in length. From the beach you can see Brean Down, it’s an ideal dogging location. It’s also where ITV have filmed their latest period drama, “Sanditon”. Now as you know, periods and dogging don’t always go well together and this location is no exception.

Sanditon is an unfinished Jane Austen novel and the series has been dubbed the new Downton Abbey, it stars Rose Williams. Yet the resort where it is filmed is notorious for outdoor sex and dogging. Some of the dogging locations include a coastal path leading to Ladye Bay and Bleadon Hill too. It’s a wide expanse of beach with dunes so it’s perfect for dogging but as ever watch out for plain clothes police.

Some reports say that Poldark, Broadchurch and Emmerdale have been “plagued by doggers” but I think the doggers were their first so it’s more like our dogging spots being plagued by TV film crews piling in !

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