Tour De Dogging Spots

Three stages of the Tour De France are in the UK this year, the first is Leeds to Harrogate, the second is York to Sheffield and the third is Cambridge to London. You might be interested in the second stage though because the highest point on that section Holme Moss, is a well known Dogging Location in Yorkshire. Couples regularly go up there to have sex and be watched by total strangers who like to encourage them. Police have put signs up to try and deter people from fucking in public but one regular emailed us to say, it may quieten down for a week or two but as soon as the weather gets warmer we’ll be at it like rabbits again. After 9pm is the best time to get up there and see some Dogging Action during the summer months. This could be the first location in the UK where people actually go dogging on their bicycles. Drop us an email if you know of any other Dogging Locations on the Tour De France route. Maybe some of you might try a Tour De Dogging on your bikes and see how many locations you can get around in one day.

Horny Cyclists

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