Tranny Dogging Experience In Norwich

I am a 24 year old male to female transsexual living close to Norwich. I have been dressing up as a a woman since I was 14 and had nylon led sexual fun since my early teens. Often wanking myself whilst wearing a pair of sheer stockings. The result is that today I have a very large wardrobe of clothes and shoes, I am completely smooth all over apart from a landing strip and have manicured nails and shaped eyebrows and with killer legs in high heels. I am single but I had this strong desire to go dogging. I fantasized about being dominated by big guys with their fat cocks out in the open. The problem was safety for me. I did not want to go to a hugely popular place or one that was miles away from me. So after looking at various swinging sites I joined Dogging Action where I found a place that in fact was only about 2 miles from my home and planned to visit it on a Tuesday night. Tuesday arrived and I was both very excited and incredibly nervous, I bathed, made sure I was again 100% hairless and thought what should I wear? Easy decision, a black jelly push up bra which gives me a great cleavage, a black waist clincher, black thongs, black sheer hold ups and black 5″ court shoes. A black elasticated mini skirt and a transparent white blouse. I chose a dark brunette wig and a mid thigh rain coat to finish my TS look. I finished my make up with shaky hands, lubed up and decided that I needed a stiff brandy before I left.

Norfolk Shemale Dogging

Tgirl Dogging In Norwich

I had already decided that around 9pm was the best time to go there, so I drove, having put on a pair of flat shoes for the 15 minute drive. The place I was going to was a nature reserve, known as a dogging spot with 2 car parks. I chose the one that was a few hundred yards past the first one and drove in and parked. There were 3 cars already there but I couldn’t see anyone or any activity. After a nail biting 10 minutes I thought I have driven here dressed for fun so I may as well be proactive. I put my high heels back on, opened the door and stepped out and still with the door opened and the light showing I took my coat off. I then walked towards a path that was about 50 yards away and in doing so passed two of the cars. I am not sure if my shaking was nerves or the cold, anyway my shoes were making that lovely clicking sound and I walked to the path and then decided to turn around and walk back to my car. Then as if by magic there were two men by the car that was nearest to mine and both in their late 30’s. They said Good Evening, complimented me on my dress and started to make light coversation. I said straight away that I was a transsexual and one of them just said “so you have come for a little fun”. I smiled and with that his friend started to unzip himself and the other one asks would I care to join them. I walked over and the man put his arm around me and started to kiss me, his friend came up behind me and put his hands under my skirt and lifted it up and now I could feel him pressing up against me stroking my legs and touching me. I unzipped the man who was kissing me and knelt down so I could use my mouth. An ex boyfriend once told me that I was as good as Mia Isabella Sucking Cock.
As I was giving him pleasure I began to unbutton my blouse as I have very sensitive nipples and like them being played with. I then turned on his friend who was considerably bigger and started to give him a wet blow job. After about four minutes the first man said lets go to his car so we walked over and he said for his friend to sit on the back seat with his legs out so I could continue with my mouth. I bent over and started once again to use my oral skills and before I could do or say anything I felt his friend grab me around the waist and next minute his cock entered me. In shock I convulsed and it allowed for him to enter fully and his friend to pull me back down on his rod. Well I had achieved what I wanted, to be used dogging but this was sudden and this was bareback, not what I had planned. Here I was being spit roasted, it was heaven. The man behind suddenly gave a gasp and I could feel him cum, his friend also wanted to have me so when he had pulled out I was spun around and suddenly impaled again. His dick was bigger and thank goodness for both the KY and the cream that had already been deposited.
I also saw that two other guys had come over and were playing with themselves, I put my hands out and they came to me, one was quite young about 19 and the other around 32. The older guy bent down and started to kiss me whilst the younger one started to lift my bra and kiss my breasts meanwhile the guy I was sitting on started to say he was cumming and he did. I have never had anybody in my life cum like him he must have shot a pint in my ass. It was amazing. The two new guys, the older one asked if he could penetrate me and the younger one just wanted a BJ so back to the old position and after 10 minutes they both came. Nobody had asked me if I wanted to cum! I then straightened myself up put on more lippy and had a well deserved cigarette. I chatted to the guys for a short while and got the low down on the place, what to do and the best days and times to cum. Apart from the young guy they were all married! Just as we are walking to my car headlights appear and another car comes in and it’s a friend of the original two guys. He is quickly informed of the fun and asks if he can have a blow job as he had never been with a shemale before. I said OK but not long, put on more lippy and a dab of perfume and joined him in his car. We kissed for quite a while and he loved my nipples I played with him and gave him his first experience of deep throat and he tasted and smelt very clean. He came and I like a good cat dutifully swallowed to his amazement. We finished, exchanged telephone numbers as he said he would like to partner me on similar dogging visits and I drove home. When I arrived home I went upstairs to undress and could not believe the smell. My skirt was all crusty as were my stockings and my breasts were sore and bruised. I had love bites around my nipples and on my shoulders, but I was very excited about what I had done. Five strangers, three had penetrated me and two had cum with my mouth. Not bad for a first time and certainly not my last.