Hero Joe Craig Interrupts Horny Doggers

Joe Craig was out walking his dog Harpo late one night in January around the East Finchley area, at the end of a quiet residential street he spotted a Renault Clio, but to his shock he also heard squeals and noises coming from the hatchback. His immediate thought was someone had been kidnapped, locked in the boot and was trying to raise the alarm. He rushed over to the car, flung open the boot and to his astonishment he saw a naked man on top of a naked woman having a good old fuck. They’d put the back seats of the car down and their heads were in the boot. Joe had inadvertently become a dogger. Dogging is the act of watching or participating with strangers having sex outdoors or in public places. Joe apologised to the couple but as he was closing the boot his chocolate labrador, Harpo had already jumped in. That made the situation even more embarassing. He quickly pulled the dog out and rushed off home.
Dogging Action would love to know who this couple were and what other locations they use to have sex. They could even be current members of Dogging Action and just be keeping a low profile. If you know who this couple are please drop us a line.

Hampstead Heath Dogging

London, the Capital city of the United Kingdom and therefore the Dogging Capital too. There are vast areas of Dogging Country within the M25 boundary. Hampstead Heath and Wimbledon Common are the typical location for doggers to meet. But the capital is also full of small industrial areas and wasteland. There are back alleys and quiet side streets, so many places to meet up and get fucked. There is even a garage that hosts monthly gang bangs involving the female mechanics. You need to join Dogging Action to get the low down on all the latest locations.

Shock horror, Hampstead Heath is full of people looking for sex ! Not really news is it ? Well The Sun on Sunday is reporting that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have just rented an apartment in Hampstead and their living room overlooks a notorious car park where dogging activities regularly occur. So what ? Every resident living around the Heath is probably overlooking some dirty fuckers having a good time. London Dogging Action details a couple of spots here. please drop us a line if you know of any more.

Hampstead Heath is a well known hot spot for outdoor fucking but is probably much more geared towards gay people. So if you fancy chomping on a nice thick cock then this is the place to go. Back in 1998 ex Labour MP Ron Davies had to resign from his post, the full details are not known but he was mugged on Hampstead Heath at night after agreeing to go for a meal with a man. The second location that dogging action reveals is Wildwood Road where you can get some female action. If you want to find some London Dogging locations such as Hampstead Heath then you should join Dogging Action for Free to meet REAL British Doggers. If you live in London and are feeling like a fuck then this is definately the site for you. The largest dogging in London website with dirty fuckers all over London including Streatham, Kingston, Ealing, Croydon. Cockfosters, Crouch End and Teddington. Other London Dogging Locations include:

  • Barnes Common, the car park at the tennis courts.
  • Dulwich golf course, just by the toll gate.
  • Blackwall Tunnel – O2 Arena you will find a secret spot. Head towards the O2
  • Arena along Millennium Way, and just past the gas tower, take a left.
  • Drive down the ramp and pull up on the left.
  • Tylers Common, along Nags Head Lane. It is very close to M25 junction 28,
    the A12 junction.
  • Wandsworth Common
  • Fantasy adult cinema in Islington. Get off the Angel tube station, turn left and
    then left again, until you find a small group of shops on your left.
Hampstead Heath Dogging

Hampstead Heath Dogging

Olympic Swimmer Visits Notorious Scratchwood Dogging Site

Zara, pictured below, who is a regular visitor to Scratchwood open space near Barnet in North London has sent us a warning. She’s read an article in the Sun newspaper about Mark Foster, the famous Olympic Swimmer being seen visiting this location on four separate occasions. Zara confirms that she has never seen him there but all that aside, either the Sun has a reporter following Mark Foster’s every move (unlikely) or they have a photographer camped up at this well known Dogging Location waiting to snap any celebs that stop by. They’ll probably snap anybody and everybody just in case they’re famous so our advice is avoid that location and join Dogging Action for FREE to get all the latest, secret and less public dogging locations. According to the newspaper report the silver haired, 46 year old Olympian Foster visited the location in his black Range Rover and was photographed by the Sun reporter. Scratchwood is a highly rated site for dogging. Zara recommends moving further across London to a much bigger area to get some Dogging in Epping Forest.

Female Dogger at Scratch End



Quickie With a Stranger in Nottingham

Tanya has been a Nottingham Dogging Action member for a few years now and this week she sent in a true encounter she had just by chance, earlier in the year, April 2014 infact. Tanya writes: I had just left the house to walk into the center of Nottingham, I was feeling a bit horny as I hadn’t had sex for three days so I tarted myself up a bit, I had a tight tshirt on, so my big tits stuck out, short dark blue skirt and stockings and heels. As I was approaching the canal this black youth approached me, he was probably 19 or so, maybe early twenties. He was holding a sheet of paper and he asked me if I knew where ***** ******* Road was (edited for security). I replied yes I did but he was a long way from it, it was about a 25 minute walk along the canal. He wasn’t happy, he said “oh fuck I’m gonna be so late”.

We walked together towards the canal and I asked him where he was going, he showed me the paper and he was doing community service. He was due there at 9am and it was already  8.55am. I felt a bit sorry for him but I also noticed he was 5′ 11″, quite good looking and of course black. I said, “look, let me get my car and I can drive you there in about 5 minutes”, so I went back to the house to get my car, he’d phoned his mum and I think she was having a go at him for being late but he explained that a lady had offered him a lift there. I pulled up next to him in my little red 306 and noticed his eyes on my legs as my stocking tops had been revealed when I sat in the car. “Jump in handsome”, I said.

We got onto the main road, over the bridge and WTF, a long tailback of traffic, there had been a heavy storm overnight and the road under the railway bridge had been flooded so police were only allowing traffic one way at a time and very, very slowly. He said, “shit, it doesn’t look like it’s my lucky day”, I replied, “oh you never know” giving him a knowing smile. Eventually we got there, turning into the industrial estate where the offices were. The left side of the road was businesses and the other side was tree lined with a park. It took almost as long to drive there as it would have to walk. He squinted at the door and said “too late, look, they’ve already left, man I am really fucked now”. I pulled across to the right side of the road, under the shade of a tree, we sat there for a few seconds until I said “so what do you want to do now ?” He said “can you drop me back in the center please ?” Despite having undone my seat belt and revealed even more of my stocking tops, my signals were simply not getting through to the guy. So I decided to take the direct approach and replied “Yes no problem, or you could just get your cock out and let me suck it”.

Dogging in Nottingham

Nottingham Dogger

He turned to me with a nervous smile, he was almost speechless, I said “look it’s your lucky day and mine, I need a fuck so lets stop wasting time”. I pushed his seat back, yanked his trackie bottoms down and pulled his man meat out. It was a nice size and very smooth, he obviously shaved or waxed and I liked that. I began frantically slurping and gagging on his dick, squeezing his balls, he relaxed and leaned back. I was trying to be quick as although the road was quiet it was still a public highway. I started wanking him, then suddenly his phone goes, “it’s my mum” he says. He pulls his trackie bottoms up and answers the phone, she’s giving him grief for missing his community service, as he’s talking I slip my hand back into his trousers and feel his cock is still very hard, I start slowly wanking him in his trousers as he’s talking to his mum. This went on for about a minute, he carried on rabbiting to her, I got out of the car and grabbed a blanket from the boot. I had a stiff 19 year old black cock in my car and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.

He was off the phone, I said “come on” grabbed his hand and we walked into the park, we found a quiet spot in the corner under some trees. I whipped my knickers off, grabbed his cock and started rubbing it all over my clit and pussy, I was so gagging for it. He said “I don’t have any condoms”, I smiled and replied “so what”, he grinned back. I pushed his dick into me, all the way, I took the whole length, then I said, “keep it there, stay in me and play with my tits”. He fumbled under my bra and got a good handful of my tits and hard nipples. Then I started grinding my hips and he reciprocated by slowly pumping me, it felt amazing being fucked outdoors by a black stud bareback. We started getting more frantic as I started to orgasm I knew he wouldn’t be far behind. We began shouting and swearing at each other with passion, he got faster and faster, his dick convulsed and he shot a fucking big load of come all the way into me.

We collapsed in a heap, hardly able to breath, that was fucking great. As we cleaned up, I said “next time don’t be late for your community service”. He looked back at me and laughed replying “Oh, I finished CS about 4 months ago, it’s a great way to approach fit MILF’s that might fancy a fuck” – Cheeky fucker was playing me all along, but I’m glad he did. We meet regularly now for dirty sex sessions. Other Nottingham Dogging Locations include:

  • Mansfield, Hardwick Park – Take the A517 out of town heading towards the M1 Junction 29.
    At Glapwell turn left and follow the signs to Hardwick Park.
  • Holme Village – Enter the village and keep the old style phone box on your right and
    follow the road through to the end.
  • Blidworth Woods – Take the A60 then onto the A614 Doncaster Road out of Nottingham for
    about 6 miles and you come to a steel railway bridge over the road. Just after this there
    is an island, turn left here into Longdale Lane for about a mile. You will find a car park
    on the right, and another two car parks on the left in the circuit, Rigg Lane and Blidworth Bottoms.
  • Attenborough Nature Reserve – Take the road from Nottingham towards Long Eaton, turn left at
    Chilwell Retail park. Past Village hotel onto nature reserve. The car park on the right.

Busty Milf Escort Dogging Car Meets Birmingham

If you’re in the Birmingham or West Midlands area and having trouble finding anywhere to go dogging then why not try the next best thing, Maddy, a busty 40 year old escort from Birmingham who is up for some naughty action in your car. She’s into pretty much everything and is available for outcall only at a hotel or she’ll fuck and suck you in your car. She’s 5′ 6″ tall with a lovely 36DD pair of tits. 30 minutes in your car costs £70 and 1 hour is £100. Alternatively if you live in Birmingham and are feeling randy today then you can be guaranteed some outdoor sexual sensations by joining Dogging Action. The biggest dogging website with over 3.1 million members in total and thousands in the Birmingham City area. We have members from the B1 area of Birmingham, the City Center, Small Heath, Bordesley Green, Yardley, Balsall Heath and Sparkhill. They all enjoy being voyeurs, exhibitionists, doggers and swingers. By joining Dogging Action you’ll meet thousands of people looking for uninhibited sexual encounters not just from the City of Birmingham but throughout the West Midlands, including Solihull, Kidderminster, Coventry, Walsall and Halesowen.

Busty Escort Car Meets

Other Birmingham Dogging Locations Include:

  • Barr Beacon car park near Aldridge.
  • Birmingham Stone Bridge Island.
  • Sutton Coldfield Park.
  • Edgbaston Reservoir in Ladywood.
  • Burton Dassett Hills Country Park.
  • Ryton Pools, near Coventry.
  • Bescot Station Car-Park.
  • West Bromwich Park (known as Dartmouth Park).
  • Oversley Woods car park, Just off A46.
  • Alexander Stadium car park.
  • Blind Pitts Lane.
  • Cannon Hill Park.
  • Coventry, War Memorial Park.