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Quick all you horny doggers get over to the village hall car park in Lamberhurst, Kent. Apparently it’s the latest outrageous dogging area with naked women running around offering bareback sex in broad daylight………. Well I exaggerate, actually I’m taking the piss. A headline in a Kent newspaper revealed that “A mother thinks she witnessed dogging in a village car park”. A guy in a Porsche pulls up and gets into a red van with a woman who has put curtains up in the window, 15 minutes later he leaves. Now maybe this was a couple having an affair, it actually seems more likely to be a mobile prostitute. So why the phrase “dogging” is in this story I do not know, maybe the newspaper is making sure it covers all the keywords “dogging”, “prostitute”, “illicit”, “affair”. If she was a prostitute then it wouldn’t be dogging would it. There seems to be a trend lately with stories involving sex, porn or the adult world of the people commenting on it not actually being sure of what they are talking about and mixing up very different activities.
Anyway here’s the Google Maps location of the tiny village of Lamberhurst in Kent.



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