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Come Dogging at Hogs Back Cafe A31 Surrey

A notorious location on the A31 in Surrey next to the Hogs Back Cafe where people often Come Dogging has again been in the news for being vandalised. Back in 2010 it was revealed as a dogging hot spot with local residents constantly coming across couples and threesomes getting Banged in Public. Along with porno mags, litter and underwear being strewn in the bushes. Following a cleanup campaign which included cutting back the bushes and installing fencing, residents are now dismayed that vandals have struck and removed some of the fencing posts. Maybe that’s a lesson for them, they should have been more tolerant of the dogging. In 2010 they also attempted to stop the lease for the Hogs Back Cafe being renewed. Well it’s not the cafe owners fault is it ? I’m sure they didn’t open a cafe there thinking they’d create a place where horny people would Come Dogging. We spoke to one customer who revealed to us his horny antics there with his wife…..

“We pull up in the car park, it’s 9.30pm and everything seems really quiet. It’s a hot night so I wind down the car windows to let in the moonlight. My wife Kerrie had had plenty to drink and was no doubt feeling very horny. I put her hand on my lap as we kissed and without hesitation she had undone my flies and had my cock in her hand, starting to slowly wank it. After a few strokes I was really hard and I pulled down my trousers, dropping them in the foot well. She leaned over and kissed the end of my cock, then slowly pulling back my foreskin, she circled her tongue around it before sucking me into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down my cock as her hand gently tugged at my balls, the odd slurping sound leaving her mouth as she greedily sucked me. At this point I started to hear the odd muffled sound, I looked around and saw nothing, I brought my gaze back onto my wife sucking my cock, closed my eyes as her warm mouth took me deeper and deeper, then I heard the sound again. Opening my eyes, this time I could see a man slowly approaching the car, then another and another, walking out of the darkness and slowly surrounding the car. My wife completely unaware, just carried on sucking my cock into her mouth as the crowd gathered, but my cock was straining with excitement knowing we were being watched. She was kneeling on the passenger seat as she was sucking me, so I slid my hand under her skirt and slowly pulled it up over her waist exposing her knickers and arse to the men, then grabbing the top of the knicker elastic, I roughly pulled her knickers down to her knees and she opened up her legs to help her knickers slide down”…..



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