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Do you believe in the fairies at the bottom of the garden ? Well they do exist, but only if your garden is very large. As large as the Duke of Beauforts Badminton estate in Wiltshire. Male doggers have been using the farm buildings on the estate for dogging sessions, apparently dressed in fairy costumes, tutus and PVC. Presumably it was gay dogging, we’re not sure what our resident horse rider Foxy Fiona, pictured above, would make of it, but I’m sure she’d have fun finding out. The Badminton horse trials take place there as well as numerous Fox Hunts and the annual Beaufort Hunt ball where all the chinless hooray Henry’s splash daddy’s cash on champagne. Outraged residents living in the local village have complained about bras being found hanging on trees and rubbish being left behind. One lady commented “we don’t want that sort of thing going on in our village”. Well love, it probably always has been, the only difference is now it’s outdoors as opposed to indoors behind closed curtains. Find more local Wiltshire Dogging Locations.


  • A303, 2 miles East of Amesbury. Turn off south just east of ‘Beacon Hill’ towards Cholderton, dirt lay-by and woods 200 yards down. Best times are 4.30pm till dusk.


  • Down Westmead Lane where the old meat factory (Hygrade) is located you’ll find a few parked cars. For people that don’t know the area, you turn right just before the Emery Gate parking in the town centre, keep driving past the factory where there is several quiet places where people meet. Only seen couples and single men before.

Chittoe Heath

  • Just out of Melksham as you go to Calne. Love to get more couples there. On the road from Chippenham to Devizes, a long no through road lane. Used for gay dogging in the daytime and couples usually at night. Good action here most days.


  • The public toilets, good place for gay and bi action any time of day.


  • Working mens club car park, good gay dogging site. Was a working mens club, now it’s offices. Good for after dark dogging.

Pepperbox Hill

  • On the A36, the entrance to the car park is at the top of the hill on a very busy road and narrows from dual carriageway to single lane at this point when coming from Salisbury.


  • Salisbury on the A36 Southampton Road. Car park opposite the college. Best time after dusk.

Smallgrain Picnic Area

  • On the road over the hill between Devizes and Calne. On the opposite side of the road to the Golf Club House and a little nearer to Calne. Some action in the car park, more in the picnic area and woods.


  • Stratton car park down from the Kingstown Pub and over the bridge on the left hand car park.
  • Shaw Forest Park, very new secluded car park and woods in Shaw just off the roundabout opposite Skurrays Garage. Night times couples vary as park has only recently been created.


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