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Think of famous doggers and their are really only two who spring to mind. George Michael, though technically he wasn’t strictly dogging, he was cottaging in LA. But the broad principle of being caught with your trousers down is what matters here. The other of course is now almost a byword for “Celebrity Dogging”, Stan Collymore. He hit the headlines in 2004 when an undercover reporter exposed him as a dogger at a location in Cannock Chase. The former England international football player later said: “I’ve been to dogging sites maybe a dozen to fifteen times and, yes, I have taken part and had sex”.

So you never know who you might be having sex with, I wonder how many ladies may have indulged with Collymore and to this day may still not realise who he was. This leads me onto this next question, what if you go to a dogging spot and there’s nobody there that you really fancy, it does happen you know. You could spend 3 or 4 dogging sessions doing nothing if the people there aren’t floating your boat. Well, that’s why you need a site like Dogging Action. Here you can locate people close to you, check out their photos, likes and dislikes and arrange to meet up at dogging locations when it’s convenient for both of you. You’ll get a much greater success rate joining Dogging Action than just trusting to luck.