Hampstead Heath Dogging

London, the Capital city of the United Kingdom and therefore the Dogging Capital too. There are vast areas of Dogging Country within the M25 boundary. Hampstead Heath and Wimbledon Common are the typical location for doggers to meet. But the capital is also full of small industrial areas and wasteland. There are back alleys and quiet side streets, so many places to meet up and get fucked. There is even a garage that hosts monthly gang bangs involving the female mechanics. You need to join Dogging Action to get the low down on all the latest locations.

Shock horror, Hampstead Heath is full of people looking for sex ! Not really news is it ? Well The Sun on Sunday is reporting that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have just rented an apartment in Hampstead and their living room overlooks a notorious car park where dogging activities regularly occur. So what ? Every resident living around the Heath is probably overlooking some dirty fuckers having a good time. London Dogging Action details a couple of spots here. please drop us a line if you know of any more.

Hampstead Heath is a well known hot spot for outdoor fucking but is probably much more geared towards gay people. So if you fancy chomping on a nice thick cock then this is the place to go. Back in 1998 ex Labour MP Ron Davies had to resign from his post, the full details are not known but he was mugged on Hampstead Heath at night after agreeing to go for a meal with a man. The second location that dogging action reveals is Wildwood Road where you can get some female action. If you want to find some London Dogging locations such as Hampstead Heath then you should join Dogging Action for Free to meet REAL British Doggers. If you live in London and are feeling like a fuck then this is definately the site for you. The largest dogging in London website with dirty fuckers all over London including Streatham, Kingston, Ealing, Croydon. Cockfosters, Crouch End and Teddington. Other London Dogging Locations include:

  • Barnes Common, the car park at the tennis courts.
  • Dulwich golf course, just by the toll gate.
  • Blackwall Tunnel – O2 Arena you will find a secret spot. Head towards the O2
  • Arena along Millennium Way, and just past the gas tower, take a left.
  • Drive down the ramp and pull up on the left.
  • Tylers Common, along Nags Head Lane. It is very close to M25 junction 28,
    the A12 junction.
  • Wandsworth Common
  • Fantasy adult cinema in Islington. Get off the Angel tube station, turn left and
    then left again, until you find a small group of shops on your left.
Hampstead Heath Dogging

Hampstead Heath Dogging

Strange Dogging Law in London

Motorbike Dogging

Essentially “dogging” is legal, if you offend passers by and they report you then you might get in trouble. However did you know that after World War II the motorcycle gained something of a reputation as a pleasure vehicle, it must have been the throbbing engines and tight leathers.

A sexy lady in a tight skirt revealing her stocking tops as she attempts to straddle a bike must have done all manner of things to the lads in those days. So a law was passed making it illegal to have sex on a motorbike in London and that’s still the case today. So bikers beware, avoid any legal action and get some Dogging Action.