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Rude British Place Names

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Rude British Place Names To Go Dogging

The United Kingdom, the country that introduced the world to “Dogging” is an ancient land full of small villages and hamlets with some sexy names. In fact two brothers have toured the country to visit locations with the rudest British place names. Andy and Magnus Tait spent six years planning the trip that took only four days to complete with an average drive of 60 minutes between each location. Among the rude names they visited were, Sandyballs, Cumwhinton, Fanny Street, Upperthong, Butthole Lane, Titty Ho and Willey. It got us wondering if there were any good dogging locations at these places, maybe even specialising in certain acts, for example: “Butt Hole Lane” – no prizes for guessing what goes on there or maybe “Wilsford Cum Lake” is a good spot for bukkake, who knows ? Maybe these locations got their names because they were ancient meeting places for outdoor sex back in the old days. The full list of cheeky locations is:

  • Bellenden Gardens
  • Cumwhinton
  • Cocklakes Cotehill
  • Cockermouth
  • Clithero
  • Fanny Street
  • Slack Bottom Road
  • Upperthong
  • Penistone
  • Butthole Lane
  • Willey
  • Titty Ho
  • Bell End
  • The Knob
  • Lower Swell
  • Old Sodbury
  • Butcombe
  • Shaftesbury
  • Shitterton
  • Sandyballs
  • Pound Bottom landfill
  • Cocking
  • Lickfold
  • S. Harting
  • Wilsford Cum Lake
  • Fingringhoe
  • Slutshole Lane
  • Feltwell
  • Fanny Hands Lane
  • Scunthorpe
  • Rimswell
  • Wetwang
  • Coxhoe

The guys did miss a few out though, including: Brown Willy in Cornwall, Boggy Bottom in Hertfordshire, Twatt in Orkney, Minge Lane in Worcestershire and Crotch Crescent in Oxford.


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