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Olympic Swimmer Visits Notorious Scratchwood Dogging Site

Zara, pictured below, who is a regular visitor to Scratchwood open space near Barnet in North London has sent us a warning. She’s read an article in the Sun newspaper about Mark Foster, the famous Olympic Swimmer being seen visiting this location on four separate occasions. Zara confirms that she has never seen him there but all that aside, either the Sun has a reporter following Mark Foster’s every move (unlikely) or they have a photographer camped up at this well known Dogging Location waiting to snap any celebs that stop by. They’ll probably snap anybody and everybody just in case they’re famous so our advice is avoid that location and join Dogging Action for FREE to get all the latest, secret and less public dogging locations. According to the newspaper report the silver haired, 46 year old Olympian Foster visited the location in his black Range Rover and was photographed by the Sun reporter. Scratchwood is a highly rated site for dogging. Zara recommends moving further across London to a much bigger area to get some Dogging in Epping Forest.




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