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Jenny has been a member of Dogging Action for over a year now and she is looking forward to the spring and summer as that’s her favourite time of the year. She lives in Brighton and visits Devils Dyke which is not far away nearly every week for a spot of naughty fucking. Jenny says: “I first visited The Dyke with my EX boyfriend Nigel, he was the one that instigated it after watching that documentary on Channel 4. I really loved it and got turned on much more by letting strangers slam me from behind. Nigel started getting jealous and eventually we split over it. But I still love going up there on my own. I work in a supermarket during the week so usually get up there on a Saturday afternoon or evening. I fucking love giving blowjobs and spitting the cum out all over my very ample breasts. I will do bareback dogging but only with guys I’ve known a while and have built up a rapport with. But bring a condom and I’ll fuck anyone and everyone“.


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