Dirty Dorset Dogging Natalie

We’d like to introduce you to our good friend Natalie, from Bournemouth. We’ve known Natalie for about 15 years and have been fucking her for about……..15 years LOL. She’s a complete nympho, she spends her days shooting porn for her websites, escorting, dogging, bukkake, outdoor sex on the beach, in her pool, she will literally fuck anyone. Natalie has combined her escorting with her love of dirty dogging. If the weather is fine you will often find Natalie walking the country roads of Dorset thumbing a lift (well that’s the pretence anyway) She’s hoping some dirty bastard will pull up to offer her a lift thinking he’s got a chance.

Well he actually has, she will almost certainly end up sucking him off and she will fuck him too for £20 or £60 without a condom. Seems the perfect combination to me, a nice walk on a sunny day, a mouthful of cum and probably £200 in your back pocket. Good on yer Natalie, see more of her here or if you want to find more nymphos like Natalie you should sign up to the most popular dogging website, it’s called Dogging Action. There you’ll find plenty of sexy like minded people that will meet you, fuck you and all for free.


  1. Tony Oven says:

    Natalie is a very good and cheap fuck, I once did her for just £10 and she swallowed the lot.

  2. Oliver says:

    Fuck yeah I had a real sloppy fuck with Natalie it was great.

  3. JohnT says:

    I remember a gang bang with Natalie. That girl can sure take some cock.

  4. Tyrone says:

    Yes I too have had the pleasure of Natalie, probably the best value there is down south, very dirty.

  5. Perth Wanker says:

    Natalie is the dirtiest slag ever, I’ve done her so many time. She’s in Spain now, so I might take a trip down.