Dogging Accessories

There are two important little items you should carry around with you when you go dogging, firstly, condoms. Now we’re not here to lecture or preach, far from it. We all like a bit of bareback action and you might go out dogging hoping for the same. Problem is you might not have the choice, if the dogging ladies insist on condoms and you haven’t got any, you’re going to look a right plumb stood there in the background wanking off whilst all the other guys are pumping away with their rubbers on. So just carry a pack around. I’d recommend Durex Performax Intense they’re thin and ribbed so the woman is gonna love it.

Durex Performax intense

The second thing you might consider having as well are the little blue pills, yes, Viagra. Even the horniest stallions have off days, we all know the pornstars you see pumping away are probably on Viagra amongst “other things” !! Dogging puts you in an odd situation, sometimes it’s cold or wet, a gust of wind, a comment from somebody, being interrupted by a member of the public. There are many things that can throw you off your stride. Not least the fact that you could be fucking somebody you have never met before and be being watched by a group of guys. That puts a lot of pressure on you. It’s not like you’re in a bed and have time to do a bit of foreplay, if you go droopy, that babe isn’t hanging about for you, the next guy will be in there filling her up. So you can either pop a pill before you go out or take one with you and if the worst happens sneakily down it there, have a wank for about 20 minutes and you should find you’re standing proud again. You can read all about temporary Erectile Dysfunction here. Remember you should always consult a doctor before taking any prescription drugs and especially if you have abnormal blood pressure.

Viagra Tablets


Dogging Gains Popularity In Latvia

Going out dogging seems to be gaining in popularity in the Baltic state of Latvia. With increasing numbers of people from that region joining Dogging Action. You can find all the local swingers contacts from Riga,  the best sex clubs, private parties and outdoor public dogging locations. The weather there seems to be rather better in the summer than in the UK with drier periods although very similar temperatures. To make it convenient dogging action has a directory with the most recent contacts and you can see their profile picture, their description, age and sexual preferences. They don’t charge you anything to search and to meet local swingers and dogging contacts. All the major towns and cities are catered for including Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava and Jūrmala. Here’s a video of the lovely Galina outdoors on a lovely Latvian summers day waiting for some horny guys to come along. Her profile reads….”I am very open and experimental girl and I love it! I just started my second year of university, where I am working hard to become a school teacher. Also I like Swimming, Tennis, meet interesting people, chat, video chat, and fuck outdoors. I am looking to hear from Male members“.


Jenny Devils Dyke Most Prolific Dogger

Jenny has been a member of Dogging Action for over a year now and she is looking forward to the spring and summer as that’s her favourite time of the year. She lives in Brighton and visits Devils Dyke which is not far away nearly every week for a spot of naughty fucking. Jenny says: “I first visited The Dyke with my EX boyfriend Nigel, he was the one that instigated it after watching that documentary on Channel 4. I really loved it and got turned on much more by letting strangers slam me from behind. Nigel started getting jealous and eventually we split over it. But I still love going up there on my own. I work in a supermarket during the week so usually get up there on a Saturday afternoon or evening. I fucking love giving blowjobs and spitting the cum out all over my very ample breasts. I will do bareback dogging but only with guys I’ve known a while and have built up a rapport with. But bring a condom and I’ll fuck anyone and everyone“.

Brighton Dogger

Big Tits Dogger


Peaches Delight Goes Dogging

Peaches Delight

I checked out the Dogging movies on Killergram the other day and came across a really horny busty MILF called Peaches Delight. She was dressed in a tight black skirt and white shirt with her massive tits busting out. This raven haired hottie reminded me of a woman that worked at my old place about 6 years ago. I’d just moved into a new department at this market research firm, it was packed with fit women in short skirts or tight trousers, wiggling their cute asses as they walked around the office. It was oggle central for us guys, one guy sat opposite me, Brynn pointed out this woman (who looks very similar to Peaches Delight) we’ll call her Denise. He said……”hey you see her, Denise, with the big tits, she likes to go dogging“. He went onto tell me that it was well known in the office she would often stop off at the local dogging spot  on her way home and suck off  a few guys. To be honest I thought Brynn was winding me up but he swore blind it was true and that he would prove it. A couple of days later it was nice and sunny and as we left work Brynn pointed over to Denise getting into her car, he suggested we take my car and follow Denise. We go onto the ring road, I was just a couple of vehicles behind Denise’s car, we went right around the ring road, onto a B road that headed east out of the city, she pulled into a quiet car park surrounded by trees and grassy mounds. We drove further down the road, pulled up and headed back to the car park on foot, making sure we were hidden by trees and mounds. Would you believe it, Brynn was right, there was Denise surrounded by about 4 or 5 guys frantically wanking their cocks and sucking on them. It was one of the horniest things I’d ever seen, I got a hard on pretty quick and I looked at Brynn and we said “fuck it” we got our dicks out and started wanking off as we watched and listened to Denise give these total strangers blow jobs. For nearly a full 30 minutes Denise took it in turns to finish off each guy, sometimes they came on her tits, one time she swallowed the lot, but they all came. Me and Brynn were behind a grassy knoll and could hear everything as the wind was in our favour. We couldn’t hold off much longer, as Denise was doing the final guy I shot my load all over my hand and Brynn did too pretty soon after. We lay there covered in spunk, keeping our heads down, we had to let Denise and the others go first otherwise we would be spotted leaving. As Denise got into her car, she paused, looked around, then shouted out…. “bye Brynn bye Stephen, see you in work tomorrow”…..Oh shit

Dogging On a Cornish Beach

Reports reaching us from our Cornwall dogging correspondent say that naturists on Polgaver Beach at Carlyon Bay on the south side of Cornwall have been told to start covering up as the area now seems to be attracting doggers too. A developer building beach front homes says the secluded retreat is also being used by randy couples looking for exhibitionist sex. Sounds like a dream location to move to really, a beach front house in Cornwall where you can oggle people fucking and have a good wank too. This got me thinking, although clearly being a naturist and a dogger are two very different things, could the desire to be nude outdoors and the desire to have sex outdoors actually stem from the same basic urge. To do something a bit risky, a bit naughty and a little bit horny too ? Please do contact us if you know of any other dogging spots in Cornwall, particularly beach locations, summer is on the way and we want to have a horny one.

Dogging in Cornwall

Woman With Huge Tits Seeks Doggers

Penelope Black Diamond

We don’t just enjoy dogging here we also love ladies that enjoy flashing, being voyeurs or any kind of outdoor nudity or sexual activity. In an earlier article we told you about a German website called Banged in Public. It seems the Germans have produced another sexy star too, she goes by the name of Penelope Black Diamond.  Penelopes website is very fetish oriented, she has huge fake tits, the biggest in Europe I believe, but surprisingly a very fresh, attractive face which is not something you would usually associate with ladies that carry these massive silicon balls of pleasure around. Her pussy lips are pierced multiple times and carry heavy rings, to be honest her site is pretty amazing and rare nowadays as it’s unique and exclusive. She also has a nice amount of outdoor activity on her site, in this movie clip she’s revealing her massive tits in the woods, infact it makes you wonder if she accidently stumbled across a dogging location would she get involved. Imagine if Penelope Black Diamond turned up at your local dogging session ? Those fantastic breasts and the kinkiest slut in Europe coming out of the woods to fuck you ? It could happen.

Big German Tits

Penelope Black Diamond


Amanda Goes Dogging Near Bristol

Since my first time dogging I was desperate to try it again, but Pete was working away for two weeks. So I bit the bullet and signed up for a dogging website that he mentioned a few times, Dogging Action. It’s a daunting thing for a single girl, let me tell you! I realised how daunting it is within the first 24 hours of registering as I had received 320 messages, most of which were from single guys. I had no idea these kind of sites were like that, so I had to block single guys from contacting me and delete my entire inbox, which was a shame, as I’m sure there were some decent guys in it with nice cocks. Anyway, I posted a request for any couples who wanted to take me dogging, I thought this was better rather than meeting some random guy at least if I had another girl there I would feel more at ease. Within three hours I got a message from a nice couple, well actually they were just fuck buddies, but you know what I mean. They offered to take me dogging and we could all have some fun, I spoke to them both on the phone, really easy to chat to and they arranged to come and pick me up. They arrived bang on time, mid afternoon and we headed out, myself and Diane were done up to look like total sluts, I was wearing cute trainers, a short denim skirt and green t-shirt which always shows my hard nipples.

They had posted on the dogging site where we were going (a well known dogging site in Bristol), so we expected a few people to turn up, I was very excited and my knickers were soaking at the thought of what could happen. When we arrived there was nobody around, so we found a quiet spot and parked up. Me and Diane stayed in the back having a snog and grope of each others pussies while Darren watched and wanked. I suggested we all get out, so Darren could get closer to the action. I told Darren to get his cock out and get ready for a double blowjob, he dropped his jeans to reveal a lovely sized cock, already solid! I dropped to my knees and went to work on it, joined by Diane who licked his balls, then I asked if either of us girls was gonna get fucked. Darren bent me over, leaning against the car, I felt him pull my skirt up and my soaked thong to the side, before I felt him press the head of his cock against my ass cheeks. Just as I was anticipating the pounding of a lifetime I looked up and saw a police van approaching us.We all ran into the car, fixed ourselves just in time, as they drove past us…slowly! Just after they left, a car pulled up next to us, the guy driving was about 25, decent looking and looked as if he was interested in us. Diane said to me we should get out the car, so we jumped out and round the side again and we started where we left off, I bent over and offered my ass to Darren he  took seconds to drop his jeans again and poke his rock hard cock against me.

Dogging in Bristol

Amanda gets fucked by Darren

We had already discussed safe sex but I was so horny I just wanted bare cock in me (its much better!). I felt him slide deep inside me, it felt so good, and just as he did, the guy in the car got out and wandered round to see what was happening.I was so lost in the moment, I didnt realise that when I turned round, Diane was on her knees getting face fucked by the guy (who I later found out was called Rupert). She was gagging and choking on his thick cock while he fucked her mouth, which, according to Darren she loves! By now I think it was running down my leg I was so turned on, I told Darren to stand beside Rupert, I got on my knees and I told him to do the same to me, I’ve never really been face fucked before, but I was so horny I wanted to try it. Before long I too was gagging on his cock and loving every second of it. After a few minutes of sucking I realised we had been joined by another car, and the guy was standing just behind us wanking away. I stood up, kissed Rupert and whispered ‘would he like to fuck this little slut?’ He nodded, so I bent over and told him to go for it, and dont be shy about it! I wanted to be fucked…hard! I was so wet he slid in first time, no problem.

He started to fuck me and I was in heaven as he grabbed my hair and pulled it tight as he fucked me from behind. By now, Diane was also leaning against the car getting fucked really hard, with Darren calling her a filthy slut and dirty bitch as he pounded her hard and fast. She was moaning and I could hear  her pussy squelching. I was getting fucked really hard by Rupert, he was giving it to me as hard as he could and I was loving every thrust, but after a few minutes he suddenly grunted and I felt his  hard cock pulse inside me as his hot cum filled me up. I dropped to my knees and told the older guy watching to come over, I said I wanted him to  cum on my tits, which only took him a matter of seconds before he sprayed them with his sticky cum. Diane was still getting fucked by Darren and I wanted more so I asked if he wanted to fuck me again. I didnt realise how horny he was! He grabbed me roughly, bent me over and shoved his cock right up me, there was no build up this time, he was fucking me hard from the start, while Diane got fingered leaning against the car. I asked if he wanted to cum up me and let Diane lick it out, they both agreed excitedly! I told him to fuck his new slut harder and faster, show me what happens to dirty bitches like me….he slapped my ass hard, several times, I squealed but it was great, then after a few more thrusts I felt him tense and shoot his load right up my soaking hole. I jumped in the back seat of the car and lay down, Diane shoved her head between my legs and tongued my pussy, licking out every drop of her fuck-buddies cum. I just lay there, totally fucked, literally! We all got dressed, got in the car and headed home, I thanked them both for a fantastic night, and they agreed we will be doing it again very soon! I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t get a chance to properly thank Rupert, but I’m guessing that’s what happens when you’re dogging sometimes.

Transsexual Girls Go Dogging Too

Shemales in Public

Does anybody know if there are any tgirl dogging locations in the UK ? Me neither, can’t say I’ve particularly heard of any. I just came across a great porn website called “Shemales in Public” the name speaks for itself really, it’s transsexuals getting fucked in public. It totally reminds me of a trip to Brazil in 2008, there are certain areas, usually on the outskirts of major cities where you can drive along semi rural roads and see loads of very sexy tgirls hooking. You just pull up, pay them and go off into the bushes for a quickie, sometimes other punters will come along and watch too. What’s this if it isn’t a form of dogging ? Yes there’s money involved but you’re not exactly paying for a night in The Ritz, more like a pint of beer in the UK. There are thousands upon thousands of transsexuals in Brazil and the vast majority look pretty damn hot. You’re more likely to be chatting to a TS than a female. It’s a whole different ball game over here, it must be quite daunting to go out dogging as a TS, if you hit the wrong crowd and they happen to be transphobic. So you need to find all the “definate transsexual dogging locations” by joining a site like Dogging Action. Alternatively you could try a more mainstream type of TS Dating by joining a regular dating website that caters for transsexuals such as

Tgirls Love Dogging Too

Transsexual Dogging

Hartlepool Dogging Excuse Sign Of Desperation

In 2011 a road in the Castle Eden area of Hartlepool was closed off because of what local residents perceived as problems with dogging. Retired council worker Phil Barclay was quoted as saying:  “There was some sexual incidents – dogging and other horrible things.”  Mr Barclay doesn’t go onto mention what the “other horrible” things are but if they are as “horrible” as dogging then I’d have no problem with them whatsoever. Apparently Mr Barclay believes two people having sex is a horrible thing. But I digress, back to 2014 and there is a possibility that the aforementioned road that was closed in 2011 could be reopened to service a crematorium. The residents obviously don’t want a crematorium replacing their lovely countryside, they cite reasons such as, fly tipping, increased traffic and chemical emissions and get this one….. mourners may get clobbered on the head by golf balls from the nearby golf club. It’s great that the residents of Castle Eden are so concerned for the welfare of others. In a last desperate attempt to stop this crematorium being built they now say that opening the road again will mean the doggers will return as well. Of course this isn’t a dogging story, it’s all about a self serving group of residents, one of whom is aptly named Barry Nutter, worried about their property values and scenic views and using the lame excuse of dogging. Well Mr Nutter we think you shouldn’t judge doggers by your own standards. Doggers are not likely to engage in their hobby next door to a crematorium, church, graveyard or anywhere else where a degree of respect would be expected. So I’m afraid you’re going to have to come up with another reason not to have that crem near you……what about ghosts ?!
Hartlepool Dogging

UK Dogging Capital is Surrey

According to a recent Freedom Of Information request Surrey is the dogging hotspot of the UK. There are more dogging locations in Surrey than any other county in the UK. Police forces across the UK were asked to reveal how many public sex environments they keep an eye on. Out of over 200 in total across the UK Surrey has 93, that’s 47%. In addition to the ten sites in Elmbridge, Guildford has 16, Reigate and Banstead 13, and Mole Valley and Surrey Heath 12 each. There’s probably no particularly incredible reason for this other than it’s more populous than other areas, the weather is nicer, there’s more greenery and judging by the amount of posh totty joining Dogging Action lately there’s a lot of frustrated housewives down there too. But it comes as no surprise to us given the black taxi cab that drives around Surrey picking up horny babes to have sex with on video. Public sex, outdoor sex and dogging really are rife in the county of Surrey.

Dogging by the River Thames

Surrey Dogging