Strange Dogging Law in London

Motorbike Dogging

Essentially “dogging” is legal, if you offend passers by and they report you then you might get in trouble. However did you know that after World War II the motorcycle gained something of a reputation as a pleasure vehicle, it must have been the throbbing engines and tight leathers.

A sexy lady in a tight skirt revealing her stocking tops as she attempts to straddle a bike must have done all manner of things to the lads in those days. So a law was passed making it illegal to have sex on a motorbike in London and that’s still the case today. So bikers beware, avoid any legal action and get some Dogging Action.

Dogging Tales – The Verdict

Well, what a waste of time “Dogging Tales” was on Channel 4. I found it really boring and pretty pointless and it was in no way representative of the dirty doggers that I’ve met over the years. First of all every single person was wearing a ridiculous animal mask. Now I didn’t know these people and if I’d seen their faces I still wouldn’t know them if I spotted them in the street. But I bet you those masks wouldn’t have shielded their identity from their friends and family. The first couple was a grey haired guy much older than his partner. She had apparently been in some bad relationships in the past and dogging was a way of boosting her confidence. Then we had, I’ll choose my words carefully, a guy and two rather overweight women. Their little escapade ended rather abruptly when he lost his “confidence” when some other men turned up to watch.

Somebody has even setup a spoof page on Facebook to take the piss out of Terry The Master Dogger. There was the obligatory angry resident who was quite pleased that his local woods had been cleared of the dogging problem. Ironically his own dog then created another problem by doing a massive shit in the woods, which I might add he didn’t bother to clear up !! I mean what if the doggers come back ? There was the articulated lorry driver parked up in a layby with some lovely zebra style bedding adorning his passion wagon. He reckoned that about 70% of lorry drivers regularly engaged in dogging activities.

There was one bright spot and that was the tasty piece with big tits strutting around in black thigh high boots and her bloke. He seemed a bit of a bruiser, not somebody you’d want to mess with and my guess is he has a huge cock too. LOL just in case I bump into him one night. She was pretty hot and boasted about having six or seven guys fuck her every time they go out, that’s my kind of woman. So all in all you really didn’t learn very much, no new locations, it wasn’t particularly titillating and naive dogging newbies might even think that doggers do genuinely wear dogging masks all the time.


Paul Ross Gay Dogging Thicket Roundabout

Did you hear the one about the guy who discovered dogging action online in 2004, thought he would get lots of pussy but ended up licking the drug meow meow off another mans face ? Shouldn’t take the piss really. Paul Ross the radio presenter brother of Jonathan Ross has admitted to having a gay celebrity dogging affair in 2004 with a former teacher called Barry Olivier. Apparently after facing financial ruin Mr Ross sought solace in online dating and ended up at a location near Thicket Roundabout in Maidenhead.

He snorted meow meow off the mans face and continued to see him at a flat in the town. What can we learn from this episode ? We can make really bad jokes about “meow meow” and “pussy”, that you can get some dogging action in Maidenhead but most importantly we have yet again learned that joining websites that promote dogging action really do get you results. Ok, Mr Ross may not have got “exactly” what he thought he would when he first signed up but he did indeed get some dogging action.

Thicket Roundabout Dogging

Helicopter Dogging In Sheffield

Those people of a certain age may remember an Australian TV series called “Chopper Squad”, it was about a helicopter rescue crew on the coast. So what has that got to do with dogging you ask ? Well Chopper Squad has come to rural Sheffield. No, it’s not a bunch of guys with massive dicks calling themselves the chopper squad. A 48 year old police constable called Adrian Pogmore has been flying over dogging spots while out on patrol and using the thermal imaging cameras to film dirty doggers having sex. He then recorded these events and took the content home to watch later. He filmed the footage back in 2008 while on operational duty.
Can’t blame him I suppose, who wouldn’t want to cop an eyeful of people having sex if they came across it. What will it be next, taking sexy ladies up in your chopper to give you a blowjob whilst on duty ? In fact having sex in a helicopter, if anybody can think of a good name for that, drop us a comment or email or better still tell the millions of members at Dogging Action, Europes biggest free dogging website, a strictly no police helicopter zone.

Helicopter Sex

Wanna CUM on my Chopper babe ?

Easter Dogging Session Near Andover

Larissa from Andover wrote to Dogging Action and told us…….. My husband, Stuart has always been going on about trying dogging. I don’t know what it is, but he has always wanted to watch me get fucked by another guy or group of guys. Ever since we got married he has brought this up. I gave in when my husband thought we might be able to make money if we video taped my dogging adventures and put it on the internet. Well if I can make money fucking some guy outdoors then I am all for it. So we planned it all out and during Easter Bank Holiday Weekend we went to Cowdown Lane, just off the A303, just south of Andover to do a trial run before we got out the camera.
It was dusk and we got out of the car, Stuart pulled his trousers down and I pulled my dress up and squatted down and started sucking his cock. Within minutes four guys were standing there with their dicks out. Stuart backed off to watch and I had to go to work. I got on my hands and knees and started to suck one guy’s dick. Several hands were stuck in and around my pussy as well as my boobs. I was dripping wet from all the attention. I was going all out on this guys dick when I felt someone slide into me. I have never done a group thing before but it felt great. The guy in my pussy was picking up speed when the guy in my mouth blew his wad, he held my head so I could not pull away and I had to swallow it. He pulled out of my mouth and another guy stuck his dick in. The guy in my pussy grabbed hold of my hips and buried his dick as deep as he could in me and exploded. I had not been creamed like that in along time. It felt so good the way his dick pumped and pumped, I could feel his hot sperm flowing into my deepest reaches. He pulled out and another guy took his place but blew his cum pretty quickly, you girls know how that goes. The guy in my mouth pulled out and went to my pussy and made about three strokes and added his spunk to the mess in my womb. The last guy stuck his dick and pounded away for several minutes and then dumped a man size load of goo deep in me also. These guys all disappeared as soon as they blew their wads. I had a great time and we did it again a couple of days later during the day. But then it was several old retired guys, but they filled my pussy with their hot sauce. One guy even had his wife along, and she joined in and took a couple loads. What a sexy fucking Easter Weekend that was.

Dogging at Easter Weekend

Andover Dogger

I am now hooked on the whole going dogging in Hampshire thing. I think it is great to go out in the woods and pull up my skirt and have a couple of guys come up and drop a steaming load of jizz deep in my cunt and walk away. Sometime soon we will video this and post it for you on Dogging Action.