Dogging On a Cornish Beach

Reports reaching us from our Cornwall dogging correspondent say that naturists on Polgaver Beach at Carlyon Bay on the south side of Cornwall have been told to start covering up as the area now seems to be attracting doggers too. A developer building beach front homes says the secluded retreat is also being used by randy couples looking for exhibitionist sex. Sounds like a dream location to move to really, a beach front house in Cornwall where you can oggle people fucking and have a good wank too. This got me thinking, although clearly being a naturist and a dogger are two very different things, could the desire to be nude outdoors and the desire to have sex outdoors actually stem from the same basic urge. To do something a bit risky, a bit naughty and a little bit horny too ? Please do contact us if you know of any other dogging spots in Cornwall, particularly beach locations, summer is on the way and we want to have a horny one.

Bristol Goes Dogging Crazy

Dirty gay doggers have been spotted having sex at a beauty spot near Bristol in broad daylight. Near to The Cotswold Way in the village of Hinton near Bristol. This along with Tog Hill just outside of Bristol is one of the seven most popular dogging spots in and around Bristol. Dyrham and Hinton Parish Council chairman Kerry Sawyer said that the practice had been going on for years, “on a daily basis”. I guess Kerry must have been going up there every day to know this fact ! The seven notorius dogging areas are:

1. Tog Hill – Just off the M4 Junction for Bath is a rest stop. Behind this place is a wooded area that serves as an England dogging location during the night.

2. Clifton Downs – Perhaps the most notorious of all for dogging in the Bristol area. There is an area with picnic benches which is a known spot for the action.

3. Aust Wharf, near Severn Bridge – The action happens near the bridge at the end of the road.

4. Backwell Lake – It is just off station road, next to the rail station between Blackwell and Nailsea.

5. Bristol Castle Farm road – Just off Abbots road in Hanham and you will find the Bristol Castle Farm road. There is a picnic area at the bottom of the road.

6. Bristol Airport area – Past the airport and turn right towards Chew Magna and left into Felton where there is a small car park notorious for dogging.

7. Sand Point near Weston-super-Mare – Sand Point not far from Weston-super-Mare is a known spot for dogging. Head for sand bay follow the road through.

Tog Hill

Tog Hill Dogging Spot

Francesca at Tog Hill July 19th 2014

Francesca at Tog Hill


Lets Go Dogging In Banbury

Banbury Doggers

I was driving through North Oxfordshire with Chrissie and we thought we’d check out the local dogging spots to see if we could get any action. It wasn’t too fruitful to be honest, the nearest places to us were Port Way in Kirtlington but we heard that was to be avoided now as the police were pulling people over and if they’d seen what Chrissie was wearing in the car they’d have done me for pimping. The same went for Southam Road layby M40 Junction 11 where police have stepped up patrols due to kids now congregating there.
Bicester, Stoke Wood car park, that’s at M40 Junction 10 was a bit far south for us as we were nearer Banbury so we were looking for some Banbury Dogging locations in particular. Anyway we did check out Graven Hill Wood just off the circular road in Banbury but all we could see was a couple of gay guys humping in their car and Chrissie was after a good seeing too by several strangers that day. In the end we went to The Blarney Stone pub in Banbury where Chrissie wore her skimpiest outfit to try and tease the guy behind the bar. We both ended up getting pissed with Chrissie stripping off in the pub and we crashed in one of their rooms for the night.

Banbury Doggers

Woman With Huge Tits Seeks Doggers

Penelope Black Diamond

We don’t just enjoy dogging here we also love ladies that enjoy flashing, being voyeurs or any kind of outdoor nudity or sexual activity. In an earlier article we told you about a German website called Banged in Public. It seems the Germans have produced another sexy star too, she goes by the name of Penelope Black Diamond.  Penelopes website is very fetish oriented, she has huge fake tits, the biggest in Europe I believe, but surprisingly a very fresh, attractive face which is not something you would usually associate with ladies that carry these massive silicon balls of pleasure around. Her pussy lips are pierced multiple times and carry heavy rings, to be honest her site is pretty amazing and rare nowadays as it’s unique and exclusive. She also has a nice amount of outdoor activity on her site, in this movie clip she’s revealing her massive tits in the woods, infact it makes you wonder if she accidently stumbled across a dogging location would she get involved. Imagine if Penelope Black Diamond turned up at your local dogging session ? Those fantastic breasts and the kinkiest slut in Europe coming out of the woods to fuck you ? It could happen.

Big German Tits

Penelope Black Diamond

Amanda Goes Dogging Near Bristol

They had posted on the dogging site where we were going (a well known dogging site in Bristol), so we expected a few people to turn up, I was very excited and my knickers were soaking at the thought of what could happen. When we arrived there was nobody around, so we found a quiet spot and parked up. Me and Diane stayed in the back having a snog and grope of each others pussies while Darren watched and wanked. I suggested we all get out, so Darren could get closer to the action. I told Darren to get his cock out and get ready for a double blowjob, he dropped his jeans to reveal a lovely sized cock, already solid! I dropped to my knees and went to work on it, joined by Diane who licked his balls, then I asked if either of us girls was gonna get fucked. Darren bent me over, leaning against the car, I felt him pull my skirt up and my soaked thong to the side, before I felt him press the head of his cock against my ass cheeks. Just as I was anticipating the pounding of a lifetime I looked up and saw a police van approaching us.We all ran into the car, fixed ourselves just in time, as they drove past us…slowly! Just after they left, a car pulled up next to us, the guy driving was about 25, decent looking and looked as if he was interested in us. Diane said to me we should get out the car, so we jumped out and round the side again and we started where we left off, I bent over and offered my ass to Darren he  took seconds to drop his jeans again and poke his rock hard cock against me.

Dogging in Bristol

Amanda gets fucked by Darren

We had already discussed safe sex but I was so horny I just wanted bare cock in me (its much better!). I felt him slide deep inside me, it felt so good, and just as he did, the guy in the car got out and wandered round to see what was happening.I was so lost in the moment, I didnt realise that when I turned round, Diane was on her knees getting face fucked by the guy (who I later found out was called Rupert). She was gagging and choking on his thick cock while he fucked her mouth, which, according to Darren she loves! By now I think it was running down my leg I was so turned on, I told Darren to stand beside Rupert, I got on my knees and I told him to do the same to me, I’ve never really been face fucked before, but I was so horny I wanted to try it. Before long I too was gagging on his cock and loving every second of it. After a few minutes of sucking I realised we had been joined by another car, and the guy was standing just behind us wanking away. I stood up, kissed Rupert and whispered ‘would he like to fuck this little slut?’ He nodded, so I bent over and told him to go for it, and dont be shy about it! I wanted to be fucked…hard! I was so wet he slid in first time, no problem.

He started to fuck me and I was in heaven as he grabbed my hair and pulled it tight as he fucked me from behind. By now, Diane was also leaning against the car getting fucked really hard, with Darren calling her a filthy slut and dirty bitch as he pounded her hard and fast. She was moaning and I could hear  her pussy squelching. I was getting fucked really hard by Rupert, he was giving it to me as hard as he could and I was loving every thrust, but after a few minutes he suddenly grunted and I felt his  hard cock pulse inside me as his hot cum filled me up. I dropped to my knees and told the older guy watching to come over, I said I wanted him to  cum on my tits, which only took him a matter of seconds before he sprayed them with his sticky cum. Diane was still getting fucked by Darren and I wanted more so I asked if he wanted to fuck me again. I didnt realise how horny he was! He grabbed me roughly, bent me over and shoved his cock right up me, there was no build up this time, he was fucking me hard from the start, while Diane got fingered leaning against the car. I asked if he wanted to cum up me and let Diane lick it out, they both agreed excitedly! I told him to fuck his new slut harder and faster, show me what happens to dirty bitches like me….he slapped my ass hard, several times, I squealed but it was great, then after a few more thrusts I felt him tense and shoot his load right up my soaking hole. I jumped in the back seat of the car and lay down, Diane shoved her head between my legs and tongued my pussy, licking out every drop of her fuck-buddies cum. I just lay there, totally fucked, literally! We all got dressed, got in the car and headed home, I thanked them both for a fantastic night, and they agreed we will be doing it again very soon! I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t get a chance to properly thank Rupert, but I’m guessing that’s what happens when you’re dogging sometimes.