Channel 4 Dogging Documentary


Hey guess what ? Channel 4 are broadcasting a Dogging Documentary on Thursday 4th April 2013 at 10pm, make sure you watch it, in fact you might even be in it if you’re a dirty dogger. The film is supposed to  provide an insight into why women and guys engage in or watch fucking and wanking in front of strangers in public areas, sometimes under the cover of darkness. Full on interviews with real doggers and a look at their normal daily lives, should be very interesting. There will almost certainly be some people from Dogging Action on the show as that’s the most popular site for finding sexy doggers and dogging locations.

Dogging Action

Blonde Dogger

Dukes Estate Used By Wiltshire Doggers

Do you believe in the fairys at the bottom of the garden ? Well they do exist, but only if your garden is very large. As large as the Duke of Beauforts Badminton estate in Wiltshire. Male doggers have been using the farm buildings on the estate for dogging sessions, apparently dressed in fairy costumes, tutus and PVC. Presumably it was gay dogging, we’re not sure what our resident horse rider Foxy Fiona, pictured below, would make of it, but I’m sure she’d have fun finding out. The Badminton horse trials take place there as well as numerous Fox Hunts and the annual Beaufort Hunt ball where all the chinless hooray Henry’s splash daddy’s cash on champagne. Outraged residents living in the local village have complained about bras being found hanging on trees and rubbish being left behind. One lady commented “we don’t want that sort of thing going on in our village”. Well love, it probably always has been, the only difference is now it’s outdoors as opposed to indoors behind closed curtains. Find more local Wiltshire Dogging Locations by searching Dogging Action.

Horny Horse Rider

Foxy Fiona

Late Night Hastings Dogging MILF

I decided a little late in the day to go out and find a Dogging MILF, so didn’t know where I was going until 9.30pm. I arrived and parked up and had a quick stroll down the line of cars to get a feeling of who was about, two couples at the end with a few single guys thrown into the mix. Problem was the boy racer arse holes turned up and were wheel spinning at the far end so nobody was going to get it on whilst that was happening. So I decided to try one of the small car parks and was glad I did. Pulled in and there were two blokes peering into a car, so I went over to join them and fuck me sideways there was a fucking lovely blonde Dogging MILF. Long black stocking legs, summer dress hitched up to her waist showing off her underwear and tits out on display. She was sucking off the driver as he played with her great tits. We stood there watching for 10 minutes as she sucked on his cock and he played with her till he spunked over her then they left. According to the other guys, if you can catch them 1 TO 1 the windows sometimes opened so you can have a play, I’ll keep my eye out for them again. I went back to the large car park and stayed there the rest of the night. The boy racers had fucked off so I went and joined a couple of guys watching a couple. After a little while she stood at the back of there car for a little free for all. Hands up her skirt and inside her bra having a feel. Very nice. They soon decided they wanted to go somewhere quieter as by this time a little crowd had gathered, I had the invite to go but chose not too as they were just going to be followed everywhere and not a lot would happen.

Busty Dogging MILF

Hastings Dogging MILF

As I expected the car park started to empty as they left. But I’m glad I stayed, as I walked back to my car I heard someone say there was a single lady in a car near the end. So I went to say hello and another two guys followed me, one fucked off straight away and the pair of us spoke to her as she had her window open, after about 10 minutes of chat the other guy fucked off as well. Probably thought nothing was going to happen (how wrong they were LOL) We chatted some more and eventually she flashed her tits so I asked if I could feel them, they had the hardest nipples I’ve felt for a while. I gave them a right good fondle, as I was doing this her hand had slipped inside her knickers and she was playing with herself. Her breath was coming in little gasps as she started to cum in the course of us playing, she must of came about 4 times. She was damp as fuck as at one point she grasped my hand and slid it between her legs to work her clit. A fucking good time we had together, she had 10 minutes before she had to go so was going to wank me off then the pushy fuckers turned back up so I didn’t get it, but she says shes out often and the ground works been laid now so maybe next time I’ll get that Wank she owes me, or maybe a little more play and I’ll have her leaning into the car spread wide for my cock, we’ll see.

Hurry Blackpool Women Go Dogging In The Street

It looks like Blackpool is the place to go if you want some really easy dogging. One resident, 33 year old Katy Holmes was so horny she ended up having sex with a guy on a car bonnet, in a public street in broad daylight. But what’s even more amazing is she’d literally only just met him in the corner shop a few minutes before, buying a bottle of water. I guess you could call that “dogging extreme”.  Ms Holmes got an eight week prison sentence suspended for 12 months. The guy seemed to be having a lucky streak because not only did he get laid, he also managed to evade the police and ran off. What they did was legal and consensual, the problem was they allowed themselves to be seen, caused offence and the police were called. That’s why you need to join Dogging Action and find all those other horny women that engage in Blackpool Dogging, plus all the safe locations where you can have sex without the risk of causing offence.

Katy Holmes Dogging Location

Not a clever place to go dogging

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Dogging Location

It’ll soon be Wimbledon fortnight down in South West London and for some reason I always get extra horny around this time of year, maybe it’s the thought of watching all those tanned fit ladies in short skirts running around. Seems it’s not just me though because there’s a car park just yards from the All England Tennis Club where dirty doggers regularly meet for kinky sex sessions. The park is usually closed during the Tennis Tournament. But one Dogging Action member confirmed it was a popular spot: “We have doggers in Wimbledon Park waiting for dogging men and women to go car dogging after dark with.”
However disgusted locals are now warning the doggers to stop or they’ll take action, a letter pinned to a tree in Wimbledon Park recently said: “To whom this applies. If you can manage to stop using this car park as a location/meeting spot for sexual activity during Wimbledon fortnight then please also refrain for the rest of the year please. As a local resident I am sick and tired of treading in used condoms and tissues every time I walk my dog first thing in the morning. I have also witnessed couples and singles meeting here during daylight hours and disappearing into the bushes next to the park. Wimbledon Park is a family park and any kind of public sexual behaviour in this area is simply not acceptable. If it continues I will alert the police and ask them to step up patrols. Thanking you in advance.”
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Dogging at Wimbledon Tennis