Windsor Housewife Caught Dogging By Husband

I’m Anita from Windsor, looking for dogging meets in Berkshire I love dogging and have been at it behind my husbands back for years, until he caught me out last month, but that’s for later. If you want a date and you happen to be willing to travel, then let’s meet up. Send me a message telling me what you love and I’ll wear that on our date, Our group knows tons of dogging areas and also other doggers. My best pre arranged meet up to now had been when I swallowed 5 loads a couple of months ago – JOIN HERE TO MEET ME

Berkshire Dogging

Windsor Dogger

Don’t Get Your Tits Burned Dogging

British Doggers are being warned to take extra care this bonfire season in case the public are given an explosion they’ll never forget. Users of open-air sex sessions are warned not to frequent places families are likely to be visiting for fireworks displays. One dogger said “If we get disrupted by a family out for an evening on Bonfire Night or whatever, we’re just going to have the boys in blue all over the place.” Dogging Action recommends Blue Bell Hill and Cobtree Manor Country Park in Forstal Road for ‘late night dogging and also Detling Hill at Bimbury Lane. One desperate dogger, who is new to Medway, pleads: “I am looking for something midweek dogging locations anywhere in the county but Maidstone, Medway, Swale, Ashford, Dover, Folkestone, and Canterbury areas would be great.”
Anita, (pictured below) has a very unique way of celebrating Bonfire Night, each year she holds a naked party outdoors and fucks 3 guys next to an open fire. We aren’t allowed to divulge where she does this as you have to earn her trust and get in her “inner circle”, no pun intended.

Cum with Fireworks

Bonfire Night Dogging

Dogging Accessories

There are two important little items you should carry around with you when you go dogging, firstly, condoms. Now we’re not here to lecture or preach, far from it. We all like a bit of bareback action and you might go out dogging hoping for the same. Problem is you might not have the choice, if the dogging ladies insist on condoms and you haven’t got any, you’re going to look a right plumb stood there in the background wanking off whilst all the other guys are pumping away with their rubbers on. So just carry a pack around. I’d recommend Durex Performax Intense they’re thin and ribbed so the woman is gonna love it.

Durex Performax intense

The second thing you might consider having as well are the little blue pills, yes, Viagra. Even the horniest stallions have off days, we all know the pornstars you see pumping away are probably on Viagra amongst “other things” !! Dogging puts you in an odd situation, sometimes it’s cold or wet, a gust of wind, a comment from somebody, being interrupted by a member of the public. There are many things that can throw you off your stride. Not least the fact that you could be fucking somebody you have never met before and be being watched by a group of guys. That puts a lot of pressure on you. It’s not like you’re in a bed and have time to do a bit of foreplay, if you go droopy, that babe isn’t hanging about for you, the next guy will be in there filling her up. So you can either pop a pill before you go out or take one with you and if the worst happens sneakily down it there, have a wank for about 20 minutes and you should find you’re standing proud again. You can read all about temporary Erectile Dysfunction here. Remember you should always consult a doctor before taking any prescription drugs and especially if you have abnormal blood pressure.

Viagra Tablets


Dogging Gains Popularity In Latvia

Going out dogging seems to be gaining in popularity in the Baltic state of Latvia. With increasing numbers of people from that region joining Dogging Action. You can find all the local swingers contacts from Riga,  the best sex clubs, private parties and outdoor public dogging locations. The weather there seems to be rather better in the summer than in the UK with drier periods although very similar temperatures. To make it convenient dogging action has a directory with the most recent contacts and you can see their profile picture, their description, age and sexual preferences. They don’t charge you anything to search and to meet local swingers and dogging contacts. All the major towns and cities are catered for including Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava and Jūrmala. Here’s a video of the lovely Galina outdoors on a lovely Latvian summers day waiting for some horny guys to come along. Her profile reads….”I am very open and experimental girl and I love it! I just started my second year of university, where I am working hard to become a school teacher. Also I like Swimming, Tennis, meet interesting people, chat, video chat, and fuck outdoors. I am looking to hear from Male members“.

Jenny Devils Dyke Most Prolific Dogger

Jenny has been a member of Dogging Action for over a year now and she is looking forward to the spring and summer as that’s her favourite time of the year. She lives in Brighton and visits Devils Dyke which is not far away nearly every week for a spot of naughty fucking. Jenny says: “I first visited The Dyke with my EX boyfriend Nigel, he was the one that instigated it after watching that documentary on Channel 4. I really loved it and got turned on much more by letting strangers slam me from behind. Nigel started getting jealous and eventually we split over it. But I still love going up there on my own. I work in a supermarket during the week so usually get up there on a Saturday afternoon or evening. I fucking love giving blowjobs and spitting the cum out all over my very ample breasts. I will do bareback dogging but only with guys I’ve known a while and have built up a rapport with. But bring a condom and I’ll fuck anyone and everyone“.

Brighton Dogger

Big Tits Dogger