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A mixed bag of more outlandish dogging news this week, Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire is in the news. A “sickened resident” (makes a change from angry resident I suppose) came across a mattress in the woods of the Brocket Hall estate along with used condoms and empty viagra packets. Turns out to be a gay cruising site, I think the viagra, rubber gloves and nearby bottle of piss probably gave it away. It was featured on a gay cruising website and the police have now started patrolling the area and put up bright yellow warning signs. This probably means they don’t actually patrol,  a bit like the use of speed cameras. If you need some cock and want to take the chance take the A1M north from the M25 up towards Welwyn Garden City, then take the A6129 interchange right and head onto the B653 Brocket Road. Eventually this becomes Marford Road and it’s quite a long road. About 2 or 3 miles along Marford Road on your right is a layby that cuts into the Brocket Woods. That’s your spot. Gay Dogging Location

A 59 year old man dressed in only stockings and suspenders was chased through woods by police this week in Londonderry Northern Ireland. According to a local councillor upto 150 people a night are gathering in the Prehen and Ness woods to partake in deviant sexual acts. Londonderry Dogging Location

Layla Pink makes her dogging debut this week at Killergram. A dirty blonde MILF with a face full of cum, that’s proper dogging.

British Doggers

Brentwood’s Hot Dogging Locations

The most popular dogging sites in Brentwood, Essex have been revealed on a dirty dogging website, one of the sites is just yards from All Saints Church in Hutton. Worshippers are praying only a short distance from an area regularly used by strangers to meet and engage in horny public sex acts, including full blown fucking, blowjobs and masturbation. Other Brentwood Dogging Locations include a car park off Childerditch Lane which is not far from the family friendly Thorndon Country Park. Tyles Common, off Nags Head Lane and a good spot in Southgate Road, Romford, reached via the Travelodge on the A127. These are just a few of the local Brentwood dogging areas. To discover many more and hook up with other doggers online just register for free at Dogging Action.

Essex Doggers

Hampstead Heath Dogging

Shock horror, Hampstead Heath is full of people looking for sex ! Not really news is it ? Well The Sun on Sunday is reporting that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have just rented an apartment in Hampstead and their living room overlooks a notorious car park where dogging activities regularly occur. So what ? Every resident living around the Heath is probably overlooking some dirty fuckers having a good time. London Dogging Action details a couple of spots here. please drop us a line if you know of any more.

Hampstead Heath is a well known hot spot for outdoor fucking but is probably much more geared towards gay people. So if you fancy chomping on a nice thick cock then this is the place to go. Back in 1998 ex Labour MP Ron Davies had to resign from his post, the full details are not known but he was mugged on Hampstead Heath at night after agreeing to go for a meal with a man. The second location that dogging action reveals Wildwood Road is where you can get some female action. In fact the photo below of Patricia giving a blow job was taken very close to that spot.

Blow Job

Blowjob on Hampstead Heath

Sarah Loves Caravan Dogging

Dogging in Barnsley

This week we heard about Dogging Action member Sarah who has a novel way of getting some action. Each summer she tours different areas of the country in her caravan looking for guys to fuck. Currently she’s in Yorkshire, in the Barnsley area. She gets 4 or 5 in at a time and shuts the door. So technically we’re not sure this has the same legal problems as regular dogging because the sex is going on in private. Though I suppose it depends how much noise is made and where the caravan is actually parked up. Sarah loves well hung guys, “I’ve always had quite a large cunt and really appreciate guys with a wide girth that can stretch me open” says Sarah. If you’ve met Sarah from the Dogging Action website anywhere across the UK, do let us know about your sexual experiences with her.

Dogging in Barnsley

Its All Happening Down At Wisley

Dogging has been highlighted a lot in mainstream media recently, with scumbag Philpot, the Channel 4 program and a few newspaper articles which always revolve around “angry residents” having their local beauty spots destroyed by doggers. To be honest you can understand their point of view. All these dogging items have used dogging to “sell” their product but only shown a very negative view of dogging. Guy kills his six children, sad fat people wearing masks, beauty spots ruined and it’s all the fault of dogging. That’s the implication of these stories anyway. The Daily Mail for example looks down their noses at doggers in disgust and calls for more to be done to stamp it out, siding with the enraged local residents. But is quite happy to publish titillating details, photos and locations of the dogging spots thereby telling the whole world and his uncle where the best places are to find free sex. They don’t really help the situation do they ?

One recent article published in the Daily Mail tells how one lady walking her dog near The Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley was terrorised by a man who asked her if she was up for sex, upon reporting it to the police she was dismayed when they showed little interest as it had happened at a PSE. A PSE is what the cops call a dogging spot (Public Sex Environment). Remember it’s not against the law to have sex in a public place nor to meet others with a similar interest and have the intention of having sex. You’ll only get problems if you start interfering with people who aren’t doggers. Now this guy was clearly an idiot, we don’t even know if he was a genuine dogger, his actions seem more that of an opportunistic pervert. Common sense would dictate that a lone lady out walking her dog in broad daylight (even if it is a dogging spot) is extremely unlikely to be looking to have sex !! If you think about it doggers should feel extremely fortunate that what we do is legal and tolerated (to an extent) by the authorities. We should remember that all our dogging spots are public places first and dogging spots second. Thanks to the Daily Mail that area in Wisley is likely to have many more opportunistic, disturbed or just curious people wandering around now with the genuine doggers having moved on. When a place becomes too well known it ceases to be of use, that’s why we recommend you join a website like Dogging Action where you can meet other GENUINE DOGGERS and find the latest real and safe dogging locations.

Wisley Dogging

Wisley Dogging